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Baby name ideas: How to get started

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Finding the perfect baby name is a daunting task. You and your significant other may or may not agree on names. You may feel pressure from family members to incorporate genealogy into the name. You may worry that your baby's name may be too unusual… or too common. Before you start your challenging baby name search, consider some of these tips to help you narrow down your options before they become overwhelming:

Your baby's initials

Screw this up and your child will be the butt of playground jokes at school. Initials matter. They're instant acronyms and can wreak havoc on a child's social life. For example, Annabelle Samantha Smith's initials spell A.S.S., and William Thomas Frank will be known as WTF.  Not cool.

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Middle names

Ah, the elusive middle name. It's bad enough that you have to come up with one name, but standard protocol really calls for two. Look at the middle name as a way to deal with all of the controversy that might have surrounded the first name. If there's no way around paying tribute to Grandma Agnes or Uncle Mortimer, then consider using such antique gems as middle name options.

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Surname options

You really do have options when it comes to your child's last name. You can use Mom's. Dad's. A hyphenated version (in either order). It may be confusing to friends and family (and later to schools and tax collectors), but it's ultimately your choice.

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Protecting your baby name choice

Jay-Z and Beyonce applied for a patent to protect daughter Blue Ivy's name. Why? In their case, they likely wanted to prevent poachers from making money on fashion, perfume, jewelry or toys named after their famous offspring. But there are other reasons why someone might want to "claim" a name.

Aside from the legal mumbo-jumbo, some parents just want to make sure their baby doesn't have the same name as every other kid on the block (or in the classroom or the county, for that matter).  Trendy names are quickly copied, and name claiming can become a real source of contention…

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Baby names to avoid

Some names are doomed to fail. The last thing you want to do is saddle your baby with a name that reminds people of a vicious dictator, notorious criminal or horror movie villain. While its ultimately your decision, there's no getting around the fact that others may look unkindly on a child named Lucifer, Adolf, Hades or Maleficent.

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Best first name for your last name

There are plenty of tips to help you pick the right kind of baby name to go with your surname. Should you pair a short first name with a long last name, and vice versa?  Should you pick a first name that begins with same letter as your surname?

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