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Baby name trend: names with double letters

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You'll think you're seeing double as we present the best names in the latest baby-naming trend: names with double letters! Check out our favorites for baby girls and boys.

We often spend so much time examining baby name trends by category — botanical names, old-fashioned names — that we gloss right over what is going on inside the names. Looking over the top names of the last year, we noticed how many contain one set, sometimes two sets, of double letters — double consonants, to be exact. It is easy to see why these names stand out. Double letters catch the eye and roll off the tongue. They manage to bring simultaneously elegance and strength. And that's without even considering the meaning! We picked out some of our favorites, both popular and obscure. Will any of our choices make your list?

Double-letter names for girls

Baby girl names with double letters tend to be ultra feminine. Endings like -ette, -elle, and -enne dominate French girl names, as they designate feminine forms of masculine monikers. If you find yourself drawn more toward unisex or boyish girl names, try out Quinn, Sutton, and Willow. They shed some of the girliness without losing any elegance.

Double-letter names for boys

Baby boy names with double letters have a solid foundation with a gentle sound. We love the bold pairings of letters in these names. No one characteristic seems tied to these names as a group. While Dillon and Rocco exude strength, Everett and Heathcliff belong to sweet gentlemen.

Looking for a themed sibling set? Choose names with double letters! It ties names together subtly while allowing for different styles. Give everyone the same pair of double letters for an obvious theme, or give each child a pair of their own. Fellow name nerds will spot it and applaud, but most people won't even notice!

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