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Baby name trends for 2007

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Which name is hotter, is it Osama or George ? Well, it depends who you ask.

When choosing a name for a baby, many of us feel it is the most important thing to have a name that is close to you and your partner's heart, giving less consideration to opinions of friends, family, or the current trends in society.

While this is probably a good way to go at it, the question is asked – to what degree can we really separate ourselves from what is going on around us? Or in other words – can we really ignore trends?

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Looking at the statistics from the last ten years gives us an answer – no, we can't. Even the desire for unique and unusual names, we find more and more in parents today, can be considered as a trend – the traditional, some might say old fashioned names, very popular up to just one decade ago, are slowly fading away in the new generation. The 21'st century is definitely characterized by individuality and creativity in choosing baby names. While during the 1950's the top ten list of most popular names accounted for a quarter of all babies born on those years, today the top ten list accounts for less than a tenth. Once popular names such as John, Jim, Fred, Hanna, and others are now considered too ordinary and old for most parents.  

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Naturally, as in any kind of trend, there are those "fashion victims", the ones who take too far and choose a name so extraordinary, that it is considered bizarre and could cause serious problems for their child, especially growing up and during puberty. We see a lot of these amongst Hollywood celebrity babies, where all rules seem to be broken, and standing out is the only objective – e.g. Apple (Gwenyth Paltrow), Camera (Arthur Ashe) or Zola Ivy (Eddie Murphy).  For a child without a famous background, these names could become a hurdle.

Unique as these new-age names might be, it seems most of them fall into one or more of a few categories:

  • Imported foreign names (Giovani, Dario, Tatiana)
  • Surnames used as first names (Hunter, Madison)
  • Mixture of two names (Cayden, Kailee)
  • Common words (Nova, Heaven)
  • Alternative spelling (Ryann, Delyia)
  • The "retro" fashion – names which used to be common, but are rarely used today (Hanna, Olivia)

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Which name do you believe will be trendy during 2007? Write your names suggestions in our comments and we will add them to a new article.

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written by Larissa, April 16, 2010
i need a first and middle name to go with the last name Brennan or McKinney. someone help ?
Baby names
written by Lexi, April 21, 2010
I absolutely love the following names!


Landon Issac

baby name
written by Tiffini Hughes, April 27, 2010
This is my first baby and i need a girl first name that goes with Okoya and Ward for her middle and last name
baby boy name
written by sheryl, May 28, 2010
this is my first baby and i need a boy name..i like the name William but i need two names.whats the best name that next to William.
written by Cassie Oxendine, June 07, 2010
I Need a Name for my baby! im 3 months pregnant and so far i have Maddox for a boy name! Any unique ideas throw em at me please!!
Baby names with S
written by Carla Saunders, June 30, 2010
I need help finding boy and girl names with the letter S.
written by britteny, July 19, 2010
i need preety girl names
written by joyette, August 10, 2010
Need Help
written by Dee-Dee, September 03, 2010
I need help finding a unique boy and girls name.
need help
written by shamee jimenez, September 17, 2010
my husband really want my baby girl to call Mia.. but i want to mix another name with Mia. please help me to find a good name before or after Mia.
to Mia's mom
written by nyree kittinger, September 20, 2010
i always get confused when im told a name that mixes. so i'll do twin names & middle & first names.

Mia & Ava
Mia & Kate
Mia & Quinn
Mia & Serena
Mia & Leslie

middle & first names

Mia Jane
Mia Nicole
Mia Carleen
Mia Jennifer
Mia Estelle

Emmaline Mia
Amelie Mia
Elizabeth Mia
Renee Mia
Kathryn Mia

good luck & congratulations!
baby boy names
written by jasmin gabriel, November 11, 2010
i'm me to find a baby boy names start with letter I in his first name and second name start at letter J..tnx..
please help me
written by marlyn, November 19, 2010
i need help for my baby girls name. First name start Marlyn and second start Glen
i need help (a unique name for my baby girl)
written by marlyn, November 19, 2010
to combine marlyn and glen. or first name starting M and second name starting G.
i need help so bad
written by katrina, December 29, 2010
this is my first baby and i need help bad to find a name for boy and girl,I love the name Adien but i know alot of people that named their baby boy that and i dont want a name that everone will someone please help me.
names for katrina
written by Emily, January 12, 2011
i like the name adien as well heres some ways id use it:

Aden Josiah

Aden Domonic

Aden Logan...
Due July 28th 2011
written by Yvonne, February 15, 2011
I am pregnant with my second child I'll be 16 weeks this thursday my daughters name is Naveah Isabella Hope. Have a feeling next child will be a boy.. can anyone suggest a unique name that also must be uncommon. Also would like the name to go with Naveah.
written by seyifunmi, February 18, 2011
can you suggest a name that starts with for a baby girl rather unisex
name that sounds like aiden
written by nicole, March 01, 2011
i really love the name odin and it sounds like aiden u may like it too
written by tayler, April 04, 2011
hey, i am going to be a god mother in two months, and they are naming the baby boy Cayson. I need a really cool uncommon middle name, or something that sounds good. Please help! Thanks to all that help.(:

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