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Baby name trends we'd like to see in 2015

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

We've made our predictions for what baby name trends are in (and out) for 2015. 

Out: Matchy sibling names
In: Non-matchy names for siblings

It has long been the trend to give focus on complementary sib-sets. All 19 Duggar kids have J names. And among twins, matching names still reign supreme (think Mason and Madison, Ella and Ethan). But each of your children will be unique, and their names should reflect that. Don't let one child's name box in your options for the next kid that comes along.

Out: One-size-fits-all unisex names
In: Boy names for boys and girl names for girls

It would be nice if we could tell who was a boy and who was a girl just by the name. In 2015, we're hoping for fewer gender-neutral names like Addison, Cameron and Jordan and a rise in distinctly gender-specific names like Frederick (for a boy) and Genevieve (for a girl).

Out: Too-trendy pop culture names
In: Traditional pop culture names

Forget the super-trendy Quinns and Pucks a la Glee and look for the more antique names that now grace books, TV and movies. Hazel and Gus, from The Fault in Our Stars, are prime examples of old-fashioned names that are cool again.

Out: Irish baby names
In: Scottish baby names

Uber-popular Irish names like Liam and Kaitlin will lose rank to appealing Scottish names such as Finlay, Duncan and Lachlan for boys and Fiona, Isla and Lara for girls.

Out: Food baby names
In: Color baby names

Instead of naming your child after a common item (like Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple), consider a more descriptive moniker (like Beyonce's Blue). The color spectrum serves up fabulous ideas, such as Crimson, Indigo and Fuschia.

Out: "-den" names for boys
In: "-ett" names for boys

If you're tired of the gazillion spelling variations of Aiden, Braden, Cadin and Jayden, you're not alone. Look for the "–den" names to be replaced by more masculine "–ett" names, such as Amett, Bennett and Everett.

Out: Long A names
In: Long O names

Move aside Ava, Jason and Mason — there's a new vowel in town. Names with the long O sound are taking over the popularity charts. Keep an eye out for Harlow, Margot, Omar and Leo.

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