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Baby names based on birth order

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Lost on what to name your first, second or third (or eighth) baby? We've got you covered with these baby names inspired by birth order.

Did you know the French royal family used to refer to their daughters by number until nearly adulthood? The first son was christened Louis right away, but girls were called Madame la First or Madame la Second. While it's no longer de rigueur, choosing baby names based on birth order can be a fun way of honoring a child's place in the family. Think it's right for your brood? Check out what we found!

Baby names for your firstborn

Many cultures have standard names for firstborn sons. Do any of these stand out to you?

  • Aadi, m: Indian, "the first; important"
  • Ada, f: African, "first daughter"
  • Adalbert, m: Danish, "first; highly honored"
  • Ata, m: African, "Ghanian name given to the first-born twin"
  • Ayita, f: Native American (Cherokee), "first to dance"
  • Bachir, m: Hebrew, "oldest son"
  • Becher, m: Hebrew, "first born"
  • Chaska, m: Native American, "Sioux name given to the first son born"
  • Fergus, m: Scottish, "first choice; important"
  • Jephtah, m: Hebrew, "first born"
  • Kuen, m: Chinese, "the first"
  • Oona, f: English, "one"
  • Primo, m: Italian, "first born"
  • Simeon, m: Hebrew, "obedient, listening; third son of Jacob"
  • Wynono, m: Native American, "first born"

Baby names for your second or third

These monikers make great middle names for the middle child.

  • Brodie, m: Scottish, "second son"
  • Jiro, m: Japanese, "second son"
  • Kenji, m: Japanese, "intelligent second son; strong and vigorous"
  • Levi, m: Hebrew, "attached or pledged; third of Jacob's 12 sons"
  • Manzo, m: Japanese, "ten thousandfold-strong third son"
  • Renzo, m: Japanese, "third link or third son"
  • Segunda, f: Spanish, "born second"
  • Seth, m: Hebrew, "third son of Adam and Eve"
  • Tanjiro, m: Japanese, "high-valued second son"
  • Terciero, m: Spanish, "born third"
  • Terza, f: Italian, "born third"
  • Trey, m: English, "three"
  • Trinity, f: English, "three"

Baby names for your fourth and beyond

The more children you have, the more fun it can be to give them a nickname based on birth order. We love Tavio, short for Octavio, for baby boy number eight!

  • Anane, m: African, "Ghanian name given to the fourth son born"
  • Anum, m: African, "Ghanian name given to the fifth-born child"
  • Beryl, f: English, "eighth foundation stone of the wall of New Jerusalem"
  • Cuarto, m: Spanish, "born fourth"
  • Dann, m: Hebrew, "judge; fifth son of Jacob"
  • Essien, m: African, "name given to the sixth-born"
  • Judah, m: Hebrew, "praise; fourth son of Jacob"
  • June, f: English, "the sixth month of the year"
  • Octavia, f: Italian, "born eighth"
  • Otto, m: German, "born eighth; wealthy"
  • Ponce, m: Spanish, "born fifth"
  • Quentin/Quinton, m: French, "fifth"
  • Quentrell, m: French, "variant of Quentin, fifth"
  • Quinta, f: Spanish, "born fifth"
  • Rabah, f: Hebrew, "fourth born"
  • Reba, f: Hebrew, "fourth born"
  • Saith, m: Welsh, "seven"
  • Tavio, m: Spanish, "eighth"

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