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Baby names for wallflowers

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We can't know our children's personalities before birth, which presents a challenge when looking for a suitable name. What if we choose something all wrong? If your introverted ways give you reason to suspect your wee baby will grow into a wallflower, we have a few ideas for unassuming monikers.

Baby names with wallflower meanings

We love that these names balance meek meanings with attention-getting sounds.

  • Alina: Dutch, "alone"
  • Clement: English, "gentle"
  • Dalia: Tanzanian, "gentle"
  • Divon: Hebrew, "walks gently"
  • Einar: Icelandic, "lone warrior"
  • Enola: Native American, "solitary"
  • Gareth: Welsh, "gentle; modest"
  • Ines: Spanish, "meek; chaste"
  • Kevin: Celtic, "gentle"
  • Laqueta: African-American, "one who is quiet"
  • Llara: Welsh, "meek"
  • Melinda: Greek, "one who is gentle"
  • Serena: Spanish, "serene"
  • Soledad: Spanish, "solitary"
  • Stillman: English, "quiet"
  • Tomeo: Japanese, "cautious man"
  • Violet: English, "flower" (think "shrinking violet")

Baby names that blend in

Your wallflower child won't want to stand out, so don't give him a name that raises eyebrows. Stick to classic spellings of recognizable names without gender ambiguity. Check out the top ten names for baby boys and girls from this past year to get an idea for what you're looking for.

Top 10 names for baby boys: Noah, Liam, Jacob, Mason, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, Jayden, Daniel

Top 10 names for baby girls: Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison, Elizabeth

Baby names from Perks of Being a Wallflower

Stephen Chbosky adapted — and directed — his 1999 coming of age novel into a 2012 film. It tells the story of shy and unpopular high school freshman Charlie as he makes friends and navigates awkward teen life. We love the simple, classic character names — Elizabeth pulls double duty from the category above.

Baby names inspired by the Wallflowers

Their eponymous first album debuted in 1992, but it was Bringing Down the Horse in 1996 that made them a household name. While "One Headlight" doesn't exactly make the best lullaby, we adore some of the baby names we found poking through the band's discography.

  • Annie: from the song "Sidewalk Annie"
  • Greg Richling: plays bass
  • Jakob Dylan: sings lead vocals and plays guitar
  • Josephine: from the song "Josephine"
  • Mario Calire: plays drums
  • Marlena: from the song "Three Marlenas"
  • Rami Jaffee: plays keyboards
  • Stuart Mathis: plays guitar
  • Summer: from the song "Feels Like Summer Again"
  • Tobi Miller: plays guitar

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