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You might be a bad parent if you give your baby one of these names

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

To give their child the best life possible, parents are expected to make wise, responsible decisions...  even before the baby is born. You choose medical caregivers, stock the nursery and, of course, pick the perfect name for your bundle of joy. Before you make this all-important decision, consider this: Not all baby names are created equal.

Bad famous names

The most well-known names sometimes represent the most disliked famous folks. Don't burden your child with a tainted name that comes with a negative history:

  • Adolf (Hitler)
  • Attila (the Hun)
  • Benedict (Arnold)
  • Ivan(the Terrible)
  • Jesse (James)
  • Miley (Cyrus)
  • Nero (of Rome)
  • Osama (bin Laden)
  • Saddam (Hussein)
  • Wyatt (Earp)

Bad fictional names

Sometimes the stigma has nothing to do with a real person and everything to do with fiction. Think about these less-than-stellar characters:

Names that are "too cute"

Babies are adorable, so cute names suit them.  But a name is forever, and it's a good idea to consider how your child will wear that label throughout life. Avoid the temptation to give your little one a cutesy name that won't be taken seriously later.

Names that end with the long E sound, particularly sugary-sweet girl names, tend to have a young sound to them.  This includes a variety of names that end in -ee, -ie, -y and -eigh, like these:

Names that get no respect

Popular isn't always better. Some of the names dominating the girls' popularity charts may not wear well over time.  There are names that, good or bad, are accompanied by preconceived notions, for example:

Traditionally, this phenomenon was not a problem for boy names. While girl names changed with each passing decade, classic boy names held their own. Until recently, that is. Well-respected names like Michael, Christopher and Edward are losing ground to more contemporary monikers that have yet to stand the test of time:

Nicknames as first names

Naming sons after their fathers is a respected, long-standing tradition. The drawback to family tree names, however, is the tendency to use youthful nicknames so that Junior isn't confused for Dad. There's nothing wrong with nicknames... but keep them informal (and off the birth certificate).

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