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Baby names from famous Hitchcock films

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The suspense thriller genre was defined by Alfred Hitchcock. The British film director directed more than 50 films over a span of 60 years, and his fascinating characters provide outstanding baby name inspiration for movie buffs. 

The Birds. For reasons unknown, violent birds violently attack the residents of Bodega Bay, including Melanie Daniels, Mitch Brenner, Lydia Brenner, Annie Hayworth and Cathy Brenner.

Dial M for Murder. When Tony Wendice discovers that his wife, Margo, is having an affair with Mark Halliday, he hatches a plan to have her murdered. And then all hell breaks loose.

The Man Who Knew Too Much. While vacationing in Morocco, Dr. Benjamin "Ben" McKenna, his wife Josephine "Jo" McKenna and their son Henry "Hank" McKenna meet Louis Bernard and the Draytons (Edward and Lucy), and things get complicated.

North by Northwest. In this 1959 spy thriller, Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason portray Roger Thornhill, Eve Kendall and Phillip Vandamm, respectively.

Psycho. The1960 flick, considered one of the greatest films of all time, brought to life the unforgettable Marion Crane and Norman Bates.

Rear Window.  From his rear window, L.B. "Jeff" Jefferies observes the suspicious behavior of his neighbor Lars Thorwald and draws murderous conclusions with girlfriend Lisa Fremont, nurse Stella and friend Tom Doyle.

To Catch a Thief. The jewel thief is John Robie, aka "The Cat." His next target is Jessie Stevens and her daughter Frances.

Vertigo. Police detective John "Scottie" Ferguson develops acrophobia and vertigo in the line of duty. He leaves the force and investigates the private lives of Gavin and Madeleine Elster instead.

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