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Baby names from the crayon box

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Looking for a unique, colorful baby name? How about a name that's literally colorful? Names based on colors are trendy without being overly wild.

Colorful babyColors shape our world and have strong emotional associations to them. When you choose a baby name based on a color, you're making a statement. Pick carefully, considering the way the name sounds as well as your feelings about the color. Whatever you decide on, you're giving your baby a strong identity and a fun way to associate with a particular color shade for his or her entire life. Unlike art class, this is not a time to mix colors. Stick to a color paired with a non-color middle name or double name.

Once you choose your baby name based on a color, you can go cheekily decorate baby's nursery to match the baby name of your choice. To find these bright, colorful baby names, we started with the color palette that touched everyone's childhood: the crayon box. From the Crayola box and beyond, here are baby boy names and baby girl names inspired by colors.

Baby names inspired by crayon colors

Colorful baby names for girls

Colorful baby names for boys

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