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Baby names inspired by Back to the Future

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The year 2015 has finally arrived. I remember being a young kid watching Back to the Future II, feeling like 2015 was forever away. I would be in my 30s! I would be old! I would probably have kids! And a job! But at least the flying cars would be pretty swell.

And here we are. No flying cars, sad excuses for hover boards, and shoes we still have to tie. Unfair. But we can still look back on this trilogy and appreciate what it did bring to our future — a whole bunch of cute baby names.

Baby boy names from Back to the Future

  • Biff: a local bully fond of harassing George (Thomas F. Wilson)
  • Buford: better known as Mad Dog, great-grandfather of Biff (Thomas F. Wilson)
  • Dave: older brother to Marty (Marc McClure)
  • Douglas: better known as Needles (Flea)
  • Emmett: Doc Brown, the inventor behind the DeLorean time machine (Christopher Lloyd)
  • George: mild-mannered father of Marty (Crispin Glover and Jeffrey Weissman)
  • Gerald: Mr. Strickland, authority figure at Hill Valley High School (James Tolkan)
  • Goldie Wilson: cafe worker in 1955 who becomes the first back mayor of Hill Valley in the present day (Donald Fullilove)
  • James: chief marshal of Hill Valley in 1985 and the grandfather of Mr. Strickland (James Tolkan)
  • Jules: one of Doc and Clara's sons (Todd Cameron Brown)
  • Martin: better known as Marty, the teenage main character of the series (Michael J. Fox)
  • Marvin: lead singer of the band at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance in 1955 (Harry Waters, Jr.)
  • Milton: brother to Lorraine (Jason Hervey)
  • Sam: father to Lorraine (George DiCenzo)
  • Seamus: great-great-grandfather to Marty (Michael J. Fox)
  • Verne: one of Doc and Clara's sons (Daniel Evans)

Baby girl names from Back to the Future

  • Babs and Betty: friends of Lorraine in 1955 (Lisa Freeman and Cristen Kauffman)
  • Clara Clayton: school teacher who marries Doc Brown (Mary Steenburgen)
  • Jennifer Parker: Marty's girlfriend (Claudia Wells and Elisabeth Shue)
  • Linda: older sister to Marty (Wendie Jo Sperber)
  • Lorraine: mother to Marty (Lea Thompson)
  • Loretta: young girl whose window Marty accidentally goes through in the alternate 1985 (Nikki Birdsong)
  • Maggie: great-great-grandmother to Marty (Lea Thompson)
  • Marlene: Marty's daughter when he visits 2015 (Michael J. Fox)
  • Sally: sister to Lorraine (Maia Brewton)
  • Stella: mother to Lorraine (Frances Lee McCain)

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