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Baby names inspired by Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Suspense writer Gillian Flynn gives us one of the most exciting novels of our time: Gone Girl. This thrilling page-turner will have you up all night… and may just inspire your next baby name selection.

**Spoiler alert:  If you have not yet read Gone Girl, stop right here and come back when you've finished!** 

Gone Girl, Part I

The first part of Gone Girl consists of two very different first-person accounts. The husband's perspective is told in the present, his missing wife's depicts the past through journal entries. Their stories are very different and leave the reader confused.

Nick is a down-on-his-luck journalist who brings his wife back home to his small hometown of North Carthage, Missouri. There he uses her trust to open a bar with his twin sister, Margo. Nick portrays himself as an average guy who's stuck with a spoiled, unhappy wife. He describes Amy as a privileged woman who misses her life in New York City and hates the dullness of her new surroundings.

Amy is Nick's wife. Her journal account of her marriage suggests that she is happy and content, while Nick is the partner who is fitful and angry. Amy disappears on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary.  Is Nick to blame?

Gone Girl, Part 2

Everything changes in the second half of the novel. The reader discovers that neither Nick nor Amy has been truthful. Nick has been having an affair with college student Andie, and Amy is not dead or missing after all. She is very much alive and trying to frame her husband for her presumed death. The journal we read in the first half of the book was a setup to implicate Nick.

While Nick continues to proclaim his innocence and look for his missing wife, Amy is robbed and left with no money to remain in hiding. She seeks refuge with her first boyfriend, Desi. He agrees to hide Amy, but she feels trapped and ultimately murders Desi. She returns to Nick and lies that Desi had kidnapped her. Nick knows that Amy is lying and that she has committed murder, but he allows her to move home and resume their marriage.  Why? Because Amy is pregnant with Nick's baby.

The end of this tantalizing tale both thrilled and infuriated readers. Regardless of what you think about the story's finale, you must agree that it provides some wonderful baby name inspiration! 

Cast of characters

Check out the list of Gone Girl characters here, along with the actors who will portray them in the film.

  • Nick Dunne: Ben Affleck
  • Amy Dunne: Rosamund Pike
  • Andie Hardy: Emily Ratajkowski
  • Bill Dunne: Leonard Kelly-Young
  • Desi Collings: Neil Patrick Harris
  • Ellen Abbott: Missi Pyle
  • Greta: Lola Kirke
  • Jason: Ricky Wood
  • Jeff: Boyd Holbrook
  • Detective Jim Gilpin: Patrick Fugit
  • Kelly Capitono: Lynn Adrianna
  • Lauren Nevins: Donna Rusch
  • Margo Dunne: Carrie Coon
  • Marybeth Elliot: Lisa Banes
  • Maureen Dunne: Cyd Strittmatter
  • Noelle Hawthorne: Casey Wilson
  • Rand Elliot: David Clennon
  • Detective Rhonda Boney:  Kim Dickens
  • Sharon Scheiber:  Sela Ward
  • Shawna Kelly:  Kathleen Rose Perkins
  • Steve Eckart:  Terry Myers
  • Tanner Bolt:  Tyler Perry
  • Tommy:  Scoot McNairy

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