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Remember, remember: Baby names inspired by Guy Fawkes

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If you are expecting a baby on the fifth of November, you're probably tired of Guy Fawkes references by now. But just in case, here are some baby names to choose from — or avoid — as Bonfire Night approaches.

In 1604, 34-year-old Guy Fawkes became involved in a conspiracy to assassinate King James and get his daughter Princess Elizabeth on the throne. He and 12 other men formulated a plot — now called the Gunpowder Plot — to blow up the British parliament. They were captured in the wee hours of the morning of Nov. 5, sparing the lives of King James and countless others. As a way of commemorating the capture, British countries build large bonfires on the evening of Nov. 5, burning effigies of Fawkes, the Pope, or various other political figures. Fireworks, a play on the gunpowder, feature heavily in the celebrations.

Baby names inspired by Guy Fawkes

We dug around Guy Fawkes's family tree, read up on the Gunpowder Plot, and found the perfect baby names for your future rebel — boy or girl. If you're into that sort of thing. If you'd rather your early November baby not be labeled a traitor, here are some names to avoid.

  • Ambrose: for Ambrose Rookwood, one of the conspirators
  • Anne: one of his sisters
  • Blake: one of his mother's surnames
  • Christopher: for Christopher Wright, one of the conspirators
  • Denis: second husband of his mother
  • Drake: for the Duck and Drake, an inn where the first meeting of the conspirators took place
  • Edith: his mother
  • Edward: his father
  • Elizabeth: one of his sisters
  • Ellen: his grandmother
  • Everard: for Sir Everard Digby, one of the conspirators
  • Fawkes: the definitive Guy Fawkes baby name
  • Francis: for Francis Tresham, one of the conspirators
  • Guido: one of his pseudonyms
  • Jackson: one of his mother's surnames
  • James: for King James, the target of the conspirators' assassination attempt
  • John: brother to Christopher, another of the conspirators
  • Mary: for Mary Pulleyn, unconfirmed but possible wife
  • Oswald: a classmate who became a Jesuit priest
  • Percy: for Thomas Percy, one of the conspirators
  • Richard: his cousin
  • Robert: for Robert Catesby, who led the plot to assassinate King James, and Robert Keyes, one of the conspirators
  • Thomas: for Thomas Wintour and Thomas Bates, two of the conspirators
  • William: lieutenant who received his confession

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