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Baby names inspired by New Girl

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While we would recommend against taking too many life cues from Fox's New Girl — Sky Knife, anyone? — the names are pretty adorable. Check out our list of quirky names for boys and girls inspired by New Girl characters.

Unlike many shows on television, the writers for New Girl paid attention to what names were popular within the characters' generations. Writers love to use character names that sound fresh and modern, turning to the trendy baby names of today rather than what a pool of early 30-somethings should be named. We tip our hats to their accuracy.

Baby girl names inspired by New Girl

These ladies are strong, smart, and sophisticated — with names to match. We love Sadie — both the name and the character. You can use it as a nickname for Sarah or let it stand on its own as a name that suits the playground as well as the boardroom.

  • Abby: Jess's older sister
  • Angie: a stripper Nick once dated
  • Beth: Schmidt's work rival
  • Caroline: Nick's longterm girlfriend
  • Cecilia: or Cece, Jess's best friend
  • Daisy: one of Winston's girlfriends
  • Elizabeth: Schmidt's college girlfriend
  • Emma: VP of Schmidt's company
  • Jessica: or Jess, the main character
  • Joan: Jess's mother
  • Julia: one of Nick's ex-girlfriends
  • Kim: Schmidt's boss
  • Melissa: wife of Sadie
  • Ouli: Russell's ex-wife
  • Rose: friend and colleague of Jess
  • Sadie: Jess's friend and gynecologist
  • Shelby: dates Winston
  • Tanya: vice principal at the school where Jess teaches

Baby boy names inspired by New Girl

These dudes prove you don't always have to have it all together to have a great life and a great story. Winston takes his pranks a little too far, but his given name — a surname — hits the mark. Everyone recognizes it, but you won't find dozens of them on the playground.

  • Bob: Jess's dad
  • Dave: an eccentric homeless man the crew calls Outside Dave
  • Ernie: known better as Coach
  • Ferguson: Daisy's pet cat
  • Foster: for Dr. Foster, the principal at the school where Jess teaches
  • Joe: Winston's boss
  • Miller: Nick's last name
  • Nicholas: or Nick, grumpy bartender roommate
  • Paul: quirky music teacher Jess dates
  • Remy: the inappropriate landlord
  • Robby: one of Cece's love interests
  • Russell: one of Jess's boyfriends
  • Sam: pediatrician who dates Jess
  • Schmidt: roommate known only by one name
  • Shivrang: Cece's fiancé
  • Tran: a silent man who befriends Nick
  • Walt: Nick's father
  • Winston: quirky, high-strung roommate

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