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Baby names inspired by cars

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Whether you're a gearhead who loves nothing better than crawling under your car and getting nice and dirty, or just someone who loves flashy paint, chrome, and pretty lines, you're a car lover. And the only thing you love more than your precious metal baby in the garage is your precious human baby to be. 

Car inspired baby names So why not combine your two loves and give your little one a name inspired by the automotive industry!

Now, a lot of car companies are named after people, so some of those can make for logical choices. Sure, Ford, Lincoln and Mercedes are all easy picks. But digging a little deeper for some less obvious choices there's electric car maker Tesla, Australia's Holden, former American automakers Cord, Nash and Tucker for starters.

If you want to look even further, we find France's Renault, (Alfa) Romeo or (De) Tomaso from Italy, or Russia's Lada. The UK brings us a whole host of names, including Austin-Healey (use one, the other, or both!), Bentley, Leyland, McLaren or Riley.

Of course, you can look at models of cars too! Chevy fans can pick Caprice or Monte Carlo - again, use either or both! Buick gives us Electra and Rainier, Ford had the Falcon and the Fairlane, Mercury brought us Capri and Zephyr, Polara and Mirada from Dodge, Chrysler's Cordoba, Ciera, Aurora and Alero from Oldsmobile, and Pontiac had the Catalina.

Heading overseas, while Ferrari has generally bestowed numerical designations on their cars, there's also Enzo - after the man himself, and the Dino, named after Enzo's son. BMW is rather the same, but they still gave us the Isetta and Alpina -- technically a separate company, but they use BMW cars as their starting point. Alfa Romeo has had the Giulia, Giulietta and Alfetta, while Renault had the Dauphine and Caravelle.

Of course, the possibilities are practically endless. And while you might not want to name your newborn 335i, there are plenty of great names out there in the automotive industry to pick from -- so if you don't see the perfect one here, don't despair! Just head down to your local dealer and do a little "shopping!"

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