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Baby names inspired by tasty pastries

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Wikipedia defines pastries as "small cakes or confections made using stiff dough enriched with fat." We define them as scrumptious! We rounded up the best versions of shortcrust, filo, choux, flaky and puff to present these edible baby name ideas. Eat 'em up!

Alexandertorte: Name your child Alexander Torte after the berry-filled pastry strip.

Aloo pie: Call your little one "Aloo," a soft, fried pastry that is a variant of the samosa.

Apple strudel: Apple works for Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter. Are you game for "Strudel," too?

Baklava: This sweet, rich pastry originated in Turkey.

Banitsa: We think this Bulgarian confection makes a lovely name for a girl.

Belekoy: Nicknames like Bele and Koy can be drawn from this yummy treat.

Bierock: The meat-filled pocket pastry from Eastern Europe inspires this baby boy name.

Bridie: This meat pastry comes from Scotland.

Canelé: France introduced this tiny pastry with a tender custard center.

Chouquette: Wikipedia describes the chouquette as a "viennoiserie consisting of a small portion of choux pastry sprinkled with pearl sugar."

Coca: The four main varieties of this Spanish dessert are sweet, savory, closed and open.

Croline: As a name, you could pronounce this as Cro-leen or Cro-line.

Dabby-Doughs: We like Dabby as a feminine alternative to Dabney or a fun spin on Abby.

Éclair: Add some extra French flair to the French name Clair/Claire.

Galette: There's nothing crusty about using Galette as a girl's name.

Gibanica: This Balkan pastry features white cheese in a multi-layered cake.

Jachnun: Jachnun is a traditional Yemenite Jewish dish.

Kifli: This playful name is inspired by the sweet Slovakian dessert.

Linzer torte: Names with Z in them are uber-popular these days, and this one (from Austria) has a distinctly masculine feel.

Marillenknödel: Use the first half of this Viennese pastry in place of Marilyn.

Masan: Masan is a pastry featured in Tibetan cuisine.

Miguelitos: This baby boy name is inspired by the Spanish puff pastry.

Nazook: The Armenian Nazook is also spelled Nazouk and Nazuk.

Palmier: Palmer is a popular unisex name, and Palmier presents a nice variation for the next generation.

Pastel: In Latin America, this name is given to a wide array of pastry dishes.

Poppy seed roll: You love the seeds in the dessert, but feel free to drop them for the name.

Quesito: Puerto Rico gave us this sugar-coated puff pastry filled with cheese.

Remonce: Consider this name a Danish variant of Ramone.

Semla: A Swedish pastry not to be confused with Selma.

Sfenj: If you want a donut in Morocco or Algeria, you ask for a sfenj.

Sou: The sou is a flaky Chinese pastry.

Stollen: A German fruit cake or a baby name for a boy?

Tortell: In Spain, this O-shaped pastry is eaten on Epiphany.

Tu: This cake from Tibet contains cheese, yak butter, brown sugar and water.

Yurla: Also from Tibet, Yurla is a common wheat pastry with butter.

Zlebia: In South Africa, this pastry is called Jalebi.

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