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Baby names rising in popularity

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If you've had your eye on an unusual or unpopular baby name, don't write it off for being too out there. Each year, the Social Security Administration tracks the change in popularity of baby names. (Who knew they were as obsessed with baby names as we are?)

Cute baby boyIn some cases, names make enormous jumps in popularity from year to year. The name you thought was too weird or old-fashioned could be climbing up the charts.

After taking a look at the names that rose in popularity and where they landed in the standings, we compiled a list of the best baby names rising in popularity in the United States. There are old fashioned baby names coming back into fashion, trendy names becoming more common and surprising new spellings and sounds that have never been popular before. Find the best trending baby boy names and baby girl names from the Social Security Administration's change in popularity chart.

Baby boy names

Baby girl names

Rising baby name trends

  • Classic, “old man” boy names are becoming popular again.
    Example: Gideon, Jameson, Emerson
  • Girl names with creative spellings are hot in 2013.
    Example: Adalynn, Maci, Raelynn
  • Distinctive, austere baby boy names.
    Examples: August, Finnegan, Greyson
  • Unisex names for girls.
    Examples: Charlie, Parker, Dylan
  • Names pulled from pop culture.
    Examples: Dexter, Prince, Bristol, Mila
  • Lots and lots of the letter "y"
    Examples: Jayce, Aylin, Braylin, Gracelyn

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