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Names that are almost impossible to shorten

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Choosing a baby name is a big deal. After all, your little bundle of joy will carry it around for life. And when parents put a ton of thought and effort into selecting that perfect name, the last thing they want is for others to come and alter it. Prevent unsolicited nicknaming by giving your baby a name that's virtually impossible to shorten, like these:

Aaron or Erin:  Just go ahead and try to shorten this.

Aiden or Caden:  Jayden might be shortened to Jay, but Aiden and Caden (and all of their countless spelling variants) present a greater challenge.

Alice, Amber, Autumn: The one-syllable Ann could become Annie, but these two-syllable A names are destined to remain un-tampered with.

Carl, Carla, or Carly:  Carl is impenetrable, and its female variations hold their own as well.

Drew:  One-syllable names are always a good start on the no-nickname path, and this one is especially difficult to shorten.

Faith, Hope, Charity and Grace: These virtuous names are certainly nickname-resistant.

Finn:  Skip the Finnegan or Finley and go straight for the meat of this name.

Harry:  It's unlikely that your son will be called Hair or Ree, so this is a pretty safe bet.

Holly, Molly, Polly:  These feminine monikers already have a nickname feel, so they're less likely to be further altered.

Jake:  Fingers crossed that no one will attempt to call your son Jakey.

Karen:  We promise you, no one will try to mess with this name.

Liam:  Is it a coincidence that Liam is a no-nickname moniker and the most popular Irish name in the U.S.? We think not.

Lisa:  I've never met a Lisa who was called anything but Lisa.

Mary:  Mary is Mary, and that's final. 

Max:  Max is a nickname for Maxwell, but it's a righteous stand-alone name as well.

Mia or Nia:  It would be wrong to make this tiny, adorable name any shorter.

Noah: This Biblical favorite is rock solid. You can't make it cute with a -y or an -ie at the end.

Quinn: Use it for a boy or a girl and rest assured that it will remain unaltered.

Rene or Renee:  Someone might attempt Ren, but it's unlikely.

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