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Baby names that end with S

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We spend so much time browsing baby names by first letter, but have you ever considered trying it the other way around? A current trend in baby names is names that end in S. Take a look and see what it is that makes these names so stylish.

Baby boy names that end with S

Baby boy names that end with S abound, thanks to the modern prevalence of surnames as first names. Our list also draws heavily from traditional Greek names and the Bible. We love the hipster sound of names like Amos and Otis — they fit right in with trendy Milo and Ezra.

Baby girl names that end with S

Due to the surname trend applying more to boys, we couldn't find quite as many baby girl names that end with S. Looking over the list, it brings up many of the dusty 100-year-old baby names everyone wants to get their hands on. Perhaps the time has come for grandma names like Gladys to be new again.

Think carefully when trying to pair a girl name that ends with S with a good middle name. The unusual ending often blends with the first letter of the middle. We suggest names that begin with bold consonant sounds, such as Grace or Fiona, to stand up to the softer sounding S.

Problems with baby names that end with S

Unfortunately, baby names that end with S won't work for everyone. If your surname starts with an S, one name will run right into the other. As always, say the name aloud — first-middle-last as well as first-last — to make sure it flows to your liking. Also, if your surname sounds like a first name, avoid using another surname as the first — this gets confusing on forms very quickly.

One final thought: Don't let the awkward apostrophe rules scare you off — just add 's like any other name!More baby names

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