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Baby names that honor dads

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Baby names often honor dads in the surname, but what if you want to take it one step further? We've got tons of baby names ideas — for both boys and girls — to honor the most important man in their lives.

Across cultures, children have been named for their fathers for centuries. Giving the first-born son the father's exact name with a junior suffix wins for most popular, but that can get confusing. Not to worry! There are still plenty of ways to honor dads with baby names.

For starters, swapping name positions eliminates confusion. Give your baby Dad's first name as his middle, or Dad's middle as his first. Imagine this one passed down from generation to generation. Look back in your family trees. It's possible such a tradition died out in a generation with no sons. Pick up right where it left off, honoring the father of a father of a... You get the idea. If you don't like the exact names, choose a diminutive instead. Nicknames make great first names. Think Ben, Charlie, or Liam.

Okay, but we are expecting a girl

How do you honor Dad if you are having a baby girl? It's trickier, but not impossible. Does he have a great set of initials? Start there! Mirroring initials will tie their names together beautifully, while still giving you the freedom to choose a name that suits your style.

If you want a stronger connection, many male names have traditional feminine forms. Is Dad's name on our list? These make perfect middle names for lady babies.

Baby names that honor fatherhood

We found a handful of baby names with father right in the meaning. Abbott is a Hebrew name meaning "father." Tad means the same in Welsh. For girls, we love the Hebrew name Abigail: it means "father rejoiced, or father's joy." If you think your daughter will be a daddy's girl, Adana translates to "her father's daughter" in Nigerian.

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