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Baby names that mean new

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Welcome to 2015! New years bring new hope and a clean slate. And yours brings new life! Celebrate all things new with these stylish baby names inspired by new beginnings.

Nothing embodies newness quite like holding a sweet wrinkly baby in your arms. Oh, new baby smell. Because of this, we expected to find tons of baby names with new in the meaning — haven't parents been reveling in this since the beginning of time? — but instead we only found a handful. Challenge accepted.

We branched out and used our baby name dictionary to pull up baby names related to all things young, new, fresh, green, and innocent. You might be surprised how many common names have these meanings!

Baby boy names that mean new

Newness seems to be a quality underappreciated in baby boys, no matter the culture. Ridiculous. The pure innocence of a newborn deserves celebration regardless of gender, so let's clue in the patriarchy with these sweet — but strong — choices. We love Tam. It reminds us of trendy Cam, classic Tom and the brother-sister duo from Firefly.

  • Abiola: Nigerian, "born in honor; baby name given to one born during the New Year"
  • Arata: Japanese, "fresh, new"
  • Denver: English, "green valley"
  • Ewan: Scottish, "youth"
  • Fresco: Spanish, "fresh"
  • Hogan: Gaelic, "young"
  • Julian: Spanish, "youth"
  • Naveen: Hindi, "new"
  • Neo: Greek, "new"
  • Neville: English, "new village"
  • Raanan: Hebrew, "fresh"
  • Tam: Hebrew, "honest, innocent"
  • Vernell: French, "green; flourishing"

Baby girl names that mean new

Innocence has long been revered in females, making our list of baby girl names a bit longer than its male counterpart. For something with a bit more girl power, try the astronomical Nova. What little girl doesn't want a name that means "cataclysmic nuclear explosion"? Okay, it also means plain old "new," but she doesn't have to know that.

  • Anastasia: Greek, "a revival from new"
  • Aurora: French, "Roman goddess of the dawn"
  • Aviva: Hebrew, "innocent; springtime"
  • Blossom: English, "fresh"
  • Catherine: Irish, "pure, clear, innocent"
  • Dagian: English, "dawn"
  • Dagny: Danish, "an old Norse name that translates to new day"
  • Imogen: English, "innocent, last born"
  • Lily: English, "pure, a symbol of innocence"
  • Lucina: German, "Roman goddess of childbirth and giver of first light to newborns"
  • Midori: Japanese, "green"
  • Mika: Japanese, "a new moon"
  • Nova: Latin, "new"
  • Raquel: Hebrew, "innocent"
  • Roxanne: French, "dawn"
  • Saveria: Basque, "a new house"
  • Seina: Spanish, "innocent"
  • Zelenka: Czech, "new, fresh"

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