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Baby names that start with Mac

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Mac makes an outstanding nickname. Whether you're expecting a boy or a girl, you can bet on this moniker suiting them for a lifetime. Unfortunately, like Max, Mac is one of those tricky diminutives with fewer full name options than you'd expect.

If you have Scottish or Irish roots, you're in luck here. The nickname Mac actually grew from the habit of calling people by their last names. Nowadays we have grown fond of giving our children — though typically just our sons — surnames in the first name slot. Fortunate if you're digging around for a first name that starts with Mac, because most of them started as surnames.

Baby boy names that start with Mac

The beauty in Mac names for baby boys lies in all the diminutive options. If you don't want to go with Mac, you can usually find a fabulous nickname hiding in the second half of the name.

Keep in mind you can stylize these names any way you'd like. We've kept to capitalizing only the first initial for uniformity, but feel free to change Macgregor to MacGregor or even McGregor.

Baby girl names that start with Mac

We don't often recommend making up baby names around here, but with Mac names for baby girls, you kind of can. Names like Makayla and McKensie have left room for more creativity. We also picked out some Scottish last names with feminine endings, because it's about time girls started getting in on this surnames trend. We suggest starting with Mac surnames belonging to famous women. Actor and model Elle Macpherson gives an otherwise gender neutral surname a feminine feel.

A lot of these names feel a bit heavy in the first name position. If you have your heart set on a little Mac, consider finding a Mac surname in your family tree to pop into the middle name slot. Nicknames don't have to be related to first names, and this might save your kid a lifetime of spelling corrections.

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