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Baby names that work in English and Spanish

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The number of bilingual households in the United States grows every year. Check out these stylish baby names that work whether you speak English, Spanish, or a combination of the two.

Nearly one in five Americans lives in a Spanish-speaking household. As our country grows into more of a melting pot, choosing a baby name that works in a bilingual environment becomes increasingly important. If you and your partner come from different cultures, honoring both sides of the family turns into a bit of a juggling act. While you likely cannot please everyone, choosing a baby name that both sides of the family can pronounce and recognize remains a feasible goal.

Unfortunately, very few names exist that sound the same spoken in both English and Spanish. For this reason, we have focused on baby names recognizable in both languages, with established — but possibly distinct — pronunciations. We looked at the top names from various Spanish-speaking countries and compared them with popular names in the United States. We found more than you might expect!

Baby boy names that work in English and Spanish

Biblical and saint names dominate our list. We love that many of the longer Spanish names allow for common American nicknames, providing a great transition from home to the classroom. Maximo gives the coveted "Max," but where the name shines is in the adorable and underused "Mo."

Baby girl names that work in English and Spanish

Baby girl names tend to have more international overlap than the boys — we could list them all day long! Look for names with lots of vowels, short syllables, and gorgeous flow. No matter your naming style, trendsetter or traditionalist, you can find one that sounds beautiful in both languages. One warning: We hope you like baby girl names that end in -a. Our list contains only five that do not.

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