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Baby names with lots of vowels

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Looking for a baby name that will stand out in the crowd? You don't have to resort to unusual spellings or made up monikers. Consider one of these refreshing names with lots of vowels.

We all have our rules and rankings for baby name selection. If name meaning and style do not rate high on your list of priorities, appearance of the name might. Names containing a lot of vowels surprise American eyes, more used to consonant heavy mainstays like John and Mary. Popular names tend to have a pretty even split of vowels and consonants balancing each other out. If you want something a little different, consider the delicate sounds of baby names with lots of vowels.

To bring you the best names with a lot of vowels, we concentrated on proportions. Names that are half and half need not apply: all the names on our list have more vowels than consonants.

Baby girl names with lots of vowels

Baby girl names that begin and end with vowels top the charts year after year. What is it about vowels that screams feminine? They lend softness to name, letting the few consonants stand out and provide structure. Pair these sweet names with consonant heavy middle names to balance out their airy sounds.

Baby boy names with lots of vowels

If you have a flair for the exotic, baby boy names with lots of vowels should fit the bill. Several of these names have Spanish and Italian roots. You won't find as many of these topping the charts as their lady name counterparts, but there are exceptions. When you combine all the spelling variations of Aiden, the name usurps Noah's number one position!

Though vowels lend femininity to a name, we love the way they let the small handful of consonants stand out and shine. Gauge and Zaine remain powerful, even with the lighter composition.

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