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Baby names with spooky meanings

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Unsurprisingly, there aren't a whole lot of names with creepy meanings. It's almost as if parents don't want to name their children after monsters and gore. Who would have guessed?

Instead, we sought names that evoke creepy imagery. We focused on darkness and spirits and things that go bump in the night. What say you? Are you brave enough to give your baby a name with a spooky meaning?

Spooky names for baby girls

Most spooky baby girl names come from the darkness. Don't assume creepy meanings make ugly names — quite the contrary. These names are so delicate and beautiful, no one will suspect the sinister meaning that lies beneath. We love the French baby girl name Melaina. It reminds us of a more modern Melanie with two great nicknames: Mellie and Laina.

Spooky names for baby boys

The urban fantasy genre has brought werewolves into the modern day, so don't be too afraid of the baby boy names that mean "wolf." Wolves have been a significant symbol in cultures across the world, embodying qualities of both strength and darkness. The boy names with spooky meanings don't have as modern a sound as the girl names above, but they aren't all bad. We love both Darcy and Kieron, dark names with a sweeter side.

  • Aniweta: Nigerian, "brought by a spirit"
  • Carey: Irish, "of the dark ones"
  • Channing: Irish, "young wolf"
  • Daman: Celtic, "demon"
  • Darcy: Celtic, "dark"
  • Dewayne: Irish, "dark"
  • Draco: Greek, "snake; dragon"
  • Elon: African-American, "spirit"
  • Kearne: Irish, "dark"
  • Kieron: Irish, "dark"
  • Morfran: Celtic, "mythical ugly demon"
  • Queran: Irish, "dark"
  • Raul: Spanish, "wolf counsel"
  • Rolf: German, "famed wolf"
  • Rollin: African-American, "wolf"
  • Tynan: Gaelic, "dark"
  • Ubel: German, "evil"
  • Ulric: English, "wolf ruler"
  • Weylin: Celtic, "son of the wolf"
  • Wolfgang: German, "advancing wolf" 

Think of the fun in Halloween seasons to come when your child has the perfect built-in costume!

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