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Baby names with unusual spellings

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Looking for an awesome baby name with a unique twist? Sometimes changing up a letter or two is enough to give a baby name that uncommon look and feel, and can help your kiddo stand out from her classmates. Here are a few ideas for changing up a classic family name, which can be a fun idea for those seeking both tradition as well as something unique.

Changing up a name

Baby girlSome classic or traditional baby names are easily changed with a substitution or alternate ending. Easy substitutions are a C for a K or a Y for an I -- and vice versa. Names that end in an "ee" sound can sub -eigh (such as Ashleigh for Ashley) or -i (such as Traci for Tracy). You can also easily add an H to names that end in A (such as Annah for Anna), swap F for PH (such as Phinn for Finn), or jazz up an "n" sound at the end of a name (such as Peytyn for Peyton). Does the name have AY in it? Swap out AI or AE, such as Jae, Braiden, Mae or Kae.

Unusual spellings for girls

Unusual spellings for boys

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