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Baby names with weird meanings

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

There is more to choosing a baby name than considering how it sounds with your surname. Some of the most beautiful baby names have some of the weirdest meanings. Does it really matter? That's up to you (and what your child may think in years to come).

Baby girl names with weird meanings

Wonder if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had any idea what the meaning of their daughter Suri's name was?

  • Darcy:  "Dark one" 
  • Harley: "From the hare's meadow"
  • Hella: "Rust"
  • Imogen:  "Last born"
  • Kennedy:  "Ugly head"
  • Mary:  "Bitter" 
  • Pauwau:  "Witch"
  • Suri:  "Pig" or "Pickpocket" '
  • Wanda:  "To gain fat"

Baby boy names with weird meanings

There are some really cool, edgy names among this bunch... if you can get past the unfortunate meanings, that is.

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