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Bavarian baby names to rock Oktoberfest

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You might be too pregnant to care about the Oktoberfest shenanigans going on in Munich right now, but you've still got five days to join in the fun with these great Bavarian baby names inspired by Oktoberfest!

Locally referred to as Wiesn, Oktoberfest spans the 16 to 18 days from the end of September to the first weekend in October. Millions of people descend upon Munich, Bavaria, every year to take part in this spectacular fun fair and, of course, beer. So much beer, to the tune of seven million liters. Give or take.

If pregnancy has left you sitting out this year, don't fret. Put up your feet, grab some würstl and sauerkraut and check out these fantastic baby names from Bavaria.

Bavarian baby names for boys

While much of Germany jumps on current baby name trends, Bavaria sticks to tried-and-true German names — especially for boys. We hand picked these Bavarian baby names to fit right in with American classmates.

  • Alexander: defender of men
  • Benedict: blessed
  • Berthold: bright power; bright ruler
  • Bruno: brown
  • Conrad: honest advisor; brave; wise
  • Dirk: dagger
  • Ernst: earnest
  • Fabian: derived from the Roman clan name Fabius
  • Felix: lucky
  • Gerhard: spear strong
  • Gregor: on the watch
  • Hugo: a thinker
  • Jakob: he grasps the heel; supplanter
  • Jürgen: German form of George; farmer
  • Kaspar: keeper of the treasure
  • Klaus: German form of Nicholas; victory of the people
  • Knut: knot
  • Lukas: light
  • Markos: of Mars
  • Maximilian: the greatest
  • Niklas: victory of the people
  • Oskar: jumping fighter
  • Oswald: power of God
  • Stefan: crown, wreath
  • Theodor: God given
  • Torsten: Thor's stone
  • Ulrich: noble leader
  • Viktor: conqueror
  • Wilhelm: German form of William; resolute protector
  • Wolfgang: advancing wolf

Bavarian baby names for girls

For some reason, German-sounding names haven't gained much traction in the U.S. The consonants can be a bit strong, but we think that makes Bavarian names for girls all the more appealing. What girl couldn't use a little oomph added to her name? Check out the meanings of these gorgeous Bavarian baby names — especially Mariel. What a lovely gift to give your daughter!

  • Agatha: good
  • Anke: variant of Anne; favor or grace
  • Astrid: divine strength
  • Bettina: oath of God; God is satisfaction
  • Birgit: strong
  • Edda: pleasant; strives
  • Elsa: my god is bountiful
  • Gerda: protected
  • Hedda: refuge in war or struggle
  • Heidi: noble
  • Ilsa: god of plenty
  • Ines: meek; chaste
  • Ingrid: hero's daughter
  • Jana: gift from God
  • Katharina: pure
  • Klara: bright
  • Krista: follower of Christ
  • Liesel: oath of God
  • Lina: pure
  • Mariel: wished-for child
  • Monika: Madonna
  • Ottilie: elfin spear
  • Petra: rock
  • Pia: pious
  • Sabine: a Sabine
  • Sigrid: victorious
  • Silke: blind
  • Theda: God's gift
  • Ursula: little bear
  • Wendelin: wander

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