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Beautiful Belle names for baby girls

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Belle means "beautiful" in French, so it's no wonder parents love this name for their baby girls. Check out our list of all the names we could find with this gorgeous princess-name root.

Even before Twilight, the name Isabella was rocking the baby name charts. It hit the top 100 in 1998 and the top ten by 2004. It spent a couple of years in the No. 1 spot before being ousted by Sophia in 2011. You can't walk three feet through an elementary school without bumping into an Isabella. So what to do if you had your heart set on a baby Belle or Bella?

Bella as a given name remains an option, but over 4,100 parents chose that just last year. Belle, however, ranks outside the top 1,000. It's a surprisingly unique choice, thanks in part to its Disney princess connotations. We would choose this as a perfect one-syllable middle name for your girl, rather than as a first name. It pairs beautifully with popular first names that end in vowel sounds, such as Amelia or Olivia.

Creating a Belle name of your own

Both Belle and Bella make fantastic two-word names. If you find yourself leaning toward a hyphenated baby girl name, Bella fits well in both first and second positions. Try Maria-Bella, Eva-Bella or Bella-Claire for unique combinations of popular baby girl names. So many names fit these patterns — get creative and have fun!

Bella names people are using

We scanned the top 1,000 baby girl names and then kept on going until we had rounded up a fairly exhaustive list of Belle and Bella names currently in use. Many of them follow the format of the two-part names we reviewed above. Keep in mind you can play around with these a lot — change the -belle to a -bella or -bel and make the name your own. You can also swap the order of the names — we can't decide which we like more, Bellaluna or Lunabella.

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