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Beautiful Indian baby girl names

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In India, baby names are influenced by a variety of factors. Language and religion can influence a baby's name, as well as the region of India where a child is born and her family's caste. Some children are given birth names, as well as official names. The result of all of the meaning behind names in India is an immense variety of beautiful names to choose from.

We've selected beautiful Indian baby girl names that come from a variety of influences, including Muslim and Hindu names. Draw inspiration from the meanings of these beautiful names or simply fall in love with their lyrical sounds. Whether you identify with Indian culture and heritage or not, you can find amazing baby girl names from India.

Indian baby girl names

  • Aditya - Meaning "free"
  • Adya - Meaning "born on Sunday"
  • Airavata - Meaning "child of water"
  • Amba - Meaning "mother"
  • Anasuya - Meaning "charitable"
  • Anumati - Meaning "moon"
  • Arya - Meaning "noble goddess"
  • Bhavata - Meaning "dearly loved"
  • Bodhi - Meaning "awakens"
  • Chanda - Meaning "fierce"
  • Chandra - Meaning "moon"
  • Daksha - Meaning "brilliant"
  • Damayanti - Meaning "name of a princess"'
  • Diti - Meaning "daughter of Daksha"
  • Drisana -  Meaning "daughter of the sun"
  • Ellora - Meaning "cave temples"
  • Gajra - Meaning "garland of flowers"
  • Gatha - Meaning "song"
  • Gita - Meaning "song"
  • Indrani - Meaning "goddess of the sky"
  • Janna - Meaning "paradise"
  • Jivanta - Meaning "gives life"
  • Kadru - Meaning "daughter of Daksha"
  • Kalindi - Meaning "the sun"
  • Kamala - Meaning "lotus"
  • Kami - Meaning "loving"
  • Kumara - Meaning "youthful"
  • Kumari - Meaning "princess"
  • Lajila - Meaning "shy"
  • Leya - Meaning "lion"
  • Maheshwari - Meaning "great lady"
  • Mahila - Meaning "woman"
  • Matrika - Meaning "divine mother"
  • Mehadi - Meaning "flower"
  • Nidra - Meaning "goddess of sleep"
  • Nirveli - Meaning "from the water"
  • Padma - Meaning "lotus"
  • Palash - Meaning "flowering tree"
  • Pandara - Meaning "wife"
  • Poshita - Meaning "dearly loved"
  • Rana - Meaning "royal"
  • Ratna - Meaning "jewel"
  • Ravati - Meaning "a mythical princess"
  • Ravi - Meaning "sun"
  • Sakari - Meaning "sweet"
  • Sati - Meaning "true"
  • Sevti - Meaning "white rose"
  • Sharada - Meaning "lute"
  • Shashida - Meaning "ocean"
  • Tapati - Meaning "daughter of the sun god"
  • Trisna - Meaning "desired"
  • Upala - Meaning "jewel"
  • Usha - Meaning "princess"
  • Vina - Meaning "beloved"

Tips for Indian baby girl names

If you're not familiar with Indian culture and simply drawing influence from a name you find beautiful, do some research to learn more about the origin. Most Indian names are not common in the United States, making them perfect choices if you're seeking an unusual baby girl name.

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