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Beyond Lily: Fresh flower names for baby girls

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Violet is the new Lily, but what will be the new Violet? We've gone through an entire garden center's worth of options to find a fresh selection of flower names for baby girls.

It's not difficult to see why floral names hold such appeal for parents of baby girls. Flowers can represent beauty, diversity, friendship and love. Don't let their fragility fool you — their strength in structure is a marvel of nature. So where to go when you're tired of hearing Lily, Rose, and Daisy? Flowers come in hundreds of varieties, but parents shy away from the ones not traditionally given as names. The thing is, any of these flower names for baby girls could be the next Lily. Be brave with a bold floral choice and others may follow suit!

Fresh floral names for baby girls

Some flower names for baby girls can be a bit of a mouthful. We've included potential nicknames that help bring these names into the mainstream. Magnolia debuted in the top 1000 last year, and we think it's the one to watch. Perfect for lovers of the nickname Maggie who want something more modern than Margaret. Here are our favorites, complete with meanings. Do you think any of these names has what it takes to make it from the nursery to your nursery?

  • Acacia: secret love; Nickname: Casey
  • Amaryllis: pride; Nicknames: Maryl or Rilly
  • Aster: symbol of love
  • Azalea: passion, womanhood; Nickname: Lea
  • Begonia: a fanciful nature; Nickname: Bebe
  • Bluebell: humility; Nicknames: Bell or Blue
  • Calendula: joy; Nickname: Callie
  • Camellia: unpretending excellence; Nickname: Cam or Cammie
  • Celandine: joys to come; Nicknames: Andi or Cela
  • Clover: "I promise"
  • Daffodil: new beginnings; Nickname: Dil
  • Dahlia: dignity and diversity; Nickname: Dolly
  • Eglantine (rose): a wound to heal
  • Freesia: friendship, thoughtfulness
  • Geranium: determination; Nickname: Rani
  • Gladiolus: strength of character; Nickname: Lola
  • Hyacinth: sincerity; Nickname: Cindy
  • Iris: good news
  • Jasmine: gift from God; Nickname: Jazz, Jazzy
  • Lavender: devotion
  • Lilac: love, memories; Nickname: Lil
  • Lotus: purity and chastity
  • Magnolia: love of nature; Nicknames: Lia, Maggie, Mags, or Nola
  • Marigold: pain and grief; Nicknames: Goldie or Mari
  • Myrtle: love, marriage
  • Orchid: refined beauty
  • Pansy: thoughts
  • Peach: longevity
  • Petunia: soothing
  • Poppy: dreams and peace
  • Primrose: eternal love; Nicknames: Prim, Rose, or Rosie
  • Rue: regret and sorrow
  • Tansy: immortality
  • Tulip: undying love
  • Verbena: attractive; Nicknames: Bebe or Bena
  • Zinnia: lasting affection, goodness; Nicknames: Nia or Zinnie

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