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Beyond Malala: Pakistani baby names for boys and girls

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Malala Yousafzai, the teenage girl who was shot by the Taliban for pursuing an education, has brought a positive focus to Pakistan. Hers is just one of countless beautiful names with Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Urdu and Hebrew influences. If you want to pay tribute to your own Pakistani heritage, consider giving your baby one of these traditional, albeit exotic, names.

Despite the constant turmoil that infests Pakistan, the nation continues to grow. Pakistan is already home to more than 182 million people and welcomes more babies every day. Parents typically call on their country's long history (dating back to the Stone Age) to come up with the perfect names for their children.

Pakistani baby names for girls

  • Aansa: Powerful
  • Barina: Princess
  • Chanda: Of the moon
  • Durrah: Precious pearl
  • Eesha: She who lives
  • Farha: A happy occasion
  • Ghadah: Delicate young girl
  • Haleema: Gentle
  • Ibtihal: Supplication
  • Janan:  Soulful
  • Kaina: Eventful
  • Laima: Lucky
  • Madiha: Worthy of praise
  • Malala: Grief-stricken
  • Omera: Inspirational
  • Pakiza: Pure
  • Qamra: Moon
  • Rania: Queen
  • Talween: Colors

Pakistani baby names for boys

  • Aaban: Angel
  • Badir: Moonlight
  • Dabbah: Lock of a door
  • Ehan: Full moon
  • Faizan: Grace
  • Ghani: Rich
  • Haleel: True friend, companion
  • Ihzam: Caring
  • Javaid: Eternal
  • Khaldun: A famous Muslim philosopher
  • Liman: Bright
  • Majid: Glorious
  • Nehrin: River
  • Omair: Problem solver
  • Parvaiz: Commendable
  • Qais: Lover
  • Ramis: Respected
  • Salaar: Leader
  • Tabeeb: Doctor

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