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Biblical Boy Names and Meanings

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Biblical boy names remain a popular choice for many parents. Despite the bible's age, many of these names do not sound old-fashioned or dated because they've retained their allure over generations and have a strong, classic sound to them. And also, because there is currently a classic name trend amongst parents, many names that were popular years ago are coming back into fashion now. Check out our list of some of the more popular biblical boy names -- as well as some that are a little more unique.

Baby-boy-sleepingJacob has been the most popular baby boy name in the United States for nearly 10 years running. Other names that appear in the bible also appear on the Social Security Administration's top name list for 2008 -- such as Samuel (#28), John (#20), Elijah (#22), Daniel (#5) and Gabriel (#24). Most of the names that appear in the bible have Hebrew roots and many are considered traditional names, such as David and Philip. Others are regaining some of their popularity, such as Simon and Elijah, while others are still not very common and would make a great choice for parents seeking a biblical name that is a little more unusual, such as Javan and Micah.

We have included notations with the following names showing where in the bible they are located, as well as their origins, what meaning they have in the bible, and their traditional meanings. 

Top Boy Biblical Baby Names

Aaron: This Hebrew name, meaning "mountain of strength," was the name of the brother of Moses. Exodus 4:14

Abraham: One of the most popular biblical names, this means "father of nations" and was the name of the ancestor father of Israel (as well as a child, Isaac, when he was 100 years old). Genesis 17:5

Asher: A Hebrew name, this was the name of the 8th son of Jacob and means "happy."

Boaz: This means "swift, strong" and was the name of Ruth's second husband. Ruth 2:1

Caleb: Meaning "faith, devotion," this Hebrew name belonged to a companion of Moses. Numbers 13:6

Daniel: This name means "God is my judge" and was borne by the prophet David who survived a death sentence in the lion's den. 1 Chronicles 3:1

David: An enduring and timeless name, this means "beloved." Ihe the bible, he was a poet, shepherd, musician, soldier, prophet and king. 1 Samuel 16:13

Elijah: This Hebrew name means "the Lord is my God" and was the name of a prominent prophet in Israel. 1 Kings 17:1

Ephraim: Meaning "fruitful," this was the name of one of Joseph's sons. Genesis 41:52

Gabriel: This name, meaning "God's able-bodied one," is the name of an angel. Daniel 9:21

Gideon: Meaning "powerful warrior," this was the name of a hero of Israel and has Hebrew roots. Judges 6:11

Isaac: The son of Abraham and Sarah, this name means "laughter." Genesis 17:19

Jacob: This very popular name means "he who supplants" and was the name of the son of Isaac and Rebekah. Genesis 25:26

Javan: Javan was the grandson of Noah and is identified as the ancestor of the ancient Greeks. Genesis 10:2

Jotham: This Hebrew name means "perfection of Jehovah." Jotham was the name of a king of Judah. Judges 9:5

Micah: Meaning "who resembles God," this is a Hebrew name and was the name of a prophet and writer. Judges 17:1

Omar: This Arabic and Hebrew name means "speaker" and was the name of a sheik of Edom and son of Esau. Genesis 36:11

Philip: Meaning "horse lover," this was the name of one of the 12 apostles and is of Greek origin. Matthew 10:3

Reuben: One of Jacob's 12 sons, this name means "see, a son" and has Hebrew roots. Genesis 29:32

Silas: This Latin name means "forest, woods" and was the name of a missionary. Acts 15:22

Simon: Meaning "to hear," this Hebrew name was the name of two of the apostles. Matthew 4:18

Tobias: This name means "God is good" and is a name from the Old Testament. Ezra 2:60

Zachariah: Of Hebrew origin, this name means "the Lord recalled" and is prominently featured in the bible. 2 Kings 14:29

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what does this name mean?
written by Jennifer, November 13, 2009
i like the name Samuel Jacob but i've been thinking about Samuel Zerich. i have a friend who named her son Zerich and it's meaning had something to do with God. if anyone can find this meaning for me i would be very grateful

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