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Biblical Girl Names and Meanings

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There are many beautiful biblical girl names that will be perfect for your baby. The bible is a source of spiritual inspiration for millions around the world, and it is also full of many wonderful names that are used everywhere for baby names. From names that have become (and remained) quite popular (such as Rachel and Hannah) to others that are a little more obscure and often exotic sounding (such as Damaris and Tamar), we've collected the best baby girl names from the bible!

angelic baby girlBiblical baby names are, by definition, names that actually appear in the bible itself. They are more often than not Hebrew in origin although there are other language origins represented, such as Greek and Latin. Often parents choose place names for their children in addition to names of people from the bible so some of those are included here as well.

Biblical Names are Classics

While several biblical girl names are very unique and uncommon, quite a few have become what are known as classic names -- those which don't feel the passage of time and remain popular on name lists generation after generation. Rachel, for example, is one of the most popular and enduring names of all time. It has remained in the top 100 in the US for over 40 years and remains popular today (according to the Social Security database).

Other names are enjoying a revival of sorts, such as Hannah; it was popular long ago and has recently become extremely popular again, climbing to #2 in the US in 1998 and only recently falling out of the Top 10 (#17 in 2008).

The girl names from the bible we have listed here include not only their meaning but where they are located in the bible!

Biblical Girl Names and Meanings

Abigail: King David's third wife, this name is Hebrew in origin and means "the father's joy." 1 Samuel 25:3

Adina: This name means "adorned, dainty, slender." Hebrew. 1 Chronicles 11:42

Ariel: Meaning "lion of God" this is actually another name for Jerusalem. Ezra 8:16

Bethany: This name means "house of figs, song" and is the name of a village near Jerusalem. Matthew 21:17

Chloe: This Greek name means "blooming." 1 Corinthians 1:11

Damaris: Another Greek name, this means "to tame." This was a woman in the bible who heard Paul speak at Mar's Hill. Acts 17:34

Dinah: A Hebrew name, this means "justified." This was the name of Jacob's only daughter. Genesis 30:21

Eden: This Hebrew name means "place of pleasure" and is found in the bible as God's garden of paradise. Genesis 2:8

Hagar: This is the name of the handmaid who served Abraham's wife Sarah. The name means "forsaken." Genesis 16:1

Hannah: This Hebrew name, meaning "favored prophet," was the name of Samuel's mother. 1 Samuel 1:2

Jael: This Hebrew name means "mountain goat, one who ascends" and was the name of a woman who slew the Canaanite captain Sisera. Judges 4:17

Joanna: This is another version of the name Joan or Jane and there were several disciples of Christ with this name. Luke 8:3

Leah: A Hebrew name meaning "delicate." The name of Jacob's first wife. Genesis 29:16

Lydia: A Greek place name, this means "from Lydia." This was also the name of a woman in the bible who was a businesswoman. Acts 16:14

Martha: This name has Aramaic roots and means "lady of the house." This was the name of the sister of Mary and Lazarus. Luke 10:38

Miriam: This is an older version of the name Mary and was the name of the sister of Moses who saved his life by hiding him in a basket. Exodus 15:20

Naomi: Meaning "pleasant," this was the name of Ruth's mother-in-law. Ruth 1:2

Priscilla: This Latin name means "ancient, venerable." This was the name of an early Christian missionary. Acts 18:2

Rachel: This Hebrew name means "ewe, female sheep." This was the name of Jacob's wife. Genesis 29:6

Talitha: Aramaic in origin, this means "little girl." The name of Jairus's daughter who was resurrected. Mark 5:41

Tamar: This Hebrew name means "date palm." Genesis 38:6

Zipporah: This name means "bird" and is of Hebrew origin. Exodus 2:21

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written by Angelical Chin, December 04, 2010
I am Searching for a 'sweet' MODERN Christian name for my baby girl who shall be born on 1st March 2011.
Her Chinese name will be 'En', mean 'Grace'.

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