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Boy names that end in s

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Finding the perfect baby name for your bundle of joy involves a lot of planning. From pairing the right name with your last name to picking a name that will fit your baby-to-be, looking to the letters that make up the name choices may help you narrow down your options. From popular baby names like Lucas to biblical baby names like James, discover more than 40 baby boy names that end in the letter s.

Popular baby names that end in s
Some of the names that made the Social Security Administration's top 100 baby names list for 2010 include some s-ending names, such as biblical baby name James and English baby name Lucas. Greek baby name Nicholas and familiar baby name Thomas also made the country's top baby names for boys, as well as ended in the slick sounding consonant.

Baby names of Spanish or Latin origin that end in s
Many of the baby name options that end in the letter s are from Spanish or Latin descent. Monikers such as Andres, Carlos, Luis or Marcos may fit your bouncing baby boy if it's a Spanish or Latin label you seek.

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Unisex baby names that end in s
Unisex baby names offer options such as Alexis, Francis and Lexis when it's a baby name that ends in the letter s and works for boys and girls alike.

Biblical baby names that end in s
Baby names from the bible are a popular baby name trend, especially for boys. Labels like Elias, Genesis, Isaias and Jesus end in s, as well as Jonas, Judas, Moises, Phineas and Tobias.

Destination baby names that end in s
You don't have to travel far to find destination baby names for boys that end in the letter s with names such as Cyprus, Dallas, Kansas and Memphis. Also in the same category are labels like Ellis, Niles and Rhodes which all tip a hat to familiar destinations both near and far.

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Unique baby names that end in s
Choosing a surname as a unique baby name opens the floodgate to many s-ending monikers, like Hayes, Jones, Mathis, Sanders, Williams and Yates. However, with names like Cyrus, Jarvis, Silas and Morris choosing a unique baby name that ends in s holds many options that will have your bun in the oven standing out in a crowd.

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Baby names from history that end in s
Looking for a historical baby name holds strength and integrity? You may want to consider baby names like Amadeus, Atticus, Hercules, Mars or Zeus that ends in s. Or, baby names from history such as Demetrius, Julius or Maximos can meet the same requirements without sounding too out in left field if looking for a less unique baby boy name.

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Alexis as a boy name?
written by reine, June 14, 2011
I have never seen Alexis on a boy, and it is obviously feminine. So why is it a unisex name? I would feel truly bad for the poor boy with that name.

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