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Boy names with strong meanings

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Many of today’s parents are searching for a boy name that is unique, masculine with a powerful and strong meaning.  Our Advanced Baby Name Search allows you to look for baby boy names based on origin and meaning. Check out our top picks!


Baby boy names meaning “strong”

These boy names are unique and strong – just like your bouncing baby boy!

  • Takeo: Strong as bamboo
  • Takeshi: Strong
  • Tiger: Powerful and energetic
  • Mann: Strong man
  • Neron: Strong
  • Remo: The strong one
  • Kalmin: Manly and strong
  • Kwan: Strong
  • Magnar: Strong warrior
  • Hamza: Powerful; Lion
  • Jedrek: Strong, manly
  • Jerry: Brave spearman
  • Chale: Strong and youthful
  • Ekon: Strong
  • Hagan: Strong defense


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Baby boy names that mean “warrior”

These boy names are not only unique, but they are tough as well! Check out these cool names for your little warrior.

  • Guy: Warrior
  • Helmer: The wrath of a warrior
  • Morgan: Sea warrior
  • Clodoveo: Famous warrior
  • Kelly: Warrior
  • Donovan: Dark warrior
  • Wyatt: Little warrior
  • Cadman: Warrior; Fighter
  • Cadmar: Brave Warrior

Names for twin baby boys

Baby Boy names that mean “leader”

If you have dreams of raising a future leader, then these boy names may be just the ticket.

  • Lyn: Welsh name meaning leader and lion-like
  • Emory: German name meaning leader and "head of the household"
  • Caleb: Famous leader in the Bible
  • Joshua: Leader of the Israelites in the Bible
  • Cedric: Welsh name meaning, "war leader"
  • Derreck: English name meaning leader
  • Frederik: German name meaning, "merciful leader"
  • Barnett: English name meaning leader
  • Aurik: German name meaning noble leader
  • Dietrich: German name meaning, "leader of the people"
  • Duke: Leader
  • Aralt: Irish name meaning leader
  • Melville: Celtic name meaning leader

Presidential baby names

Baby boy names that mean “miracle” or “blessing”

If you son is a miracle baby (and what baby isn’t?), then perhaps you should consider one of these miraculous baby names.

  • Berwin: Welsh name for Blessing
  • Baraka: Arabic name for Blessing
  • Indivar: Sanskrit name meaning Blessing
  • Boone: Good, A blessing.
  • Jedidiah: Blessed name from the Bible
  • Karamat: Miracle


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