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City-inspired names from across the U.S.

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Where did you grow up? Meet your partner? Go to college? Visit your grandparents' farm? City names from our pasts can bring us to the next stop on our journey — welcoming our babies into the world.

We have only included larger cities — most of the ones that made our list have over 100,000 residents — to keep the appeal wide. Don't limit yourself to big cities, though! Scour your past to find a place that feels important to you. Find out where your parents were born or got married. City names allow you to attach a piece of family history to your child that goes beyond just a surname.
Sometimes place names don't feel quite right in the first name slot, and that's okay too. Try them out as middle names, and consider this as a theme for all of your children. They will each have a special story from their parents' past to carry with them throughout their lives — what else could form a bond so sweet?

50 baby names inspired by U.S. cities

We've left the list gender-free — while some of these names definitely read more boy or girl, several blur the line with a definite unisex appeal. 

Family map

We love the idea of artwork inspired by your child's name. Several artists sell wall hangings, canvas bags, and even pillow slipcovers with states printed on them and a star over the city of your choice. Imagine the possibilities, from nursery decorations to graduation gifts.

You can also take your brood on a road trip some day, visiting their namesake cities. Any child with a top-50 name can walk into a souvenir shop and come out with a personalized pencil, but only your child will have an entire map.

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