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Cowgirl and Cowboy Baby Names of the Wild West

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For Moms and Dads who just love their westerns, or for parents-to-be who want to give their child a name that exemplifies the virtues of those before us who lived off the land, names that adorned the cowboys and cowgirls of the wild wild west may be ace-high in your book. Or, what better way to honor the cowboy life than to wrangle up a name from the country music industry? Check out some of these cowgirl and cowboy baby names lickety-split before your tiny tumbleweed blows his or her way into the world.

Western Characters

These cowboy and cowgirl characters rode their way into the hearts of movie lovers. Here’s a few names you may want to consider for your little buckaroo:

Cowboy Baby Names
Adam, Adams, Allan, Angel, Bart, Bat, Ben, Bill, Bret, Buck, Buddy, Butch, Caleb, Chester, Cheyenne, Chick, Christopher, Cisco, Clay, Cordell, Dan, Dillon, Ennis, Frank, Fred, Garrett, Heath, Cassidy, Hoss, Houston, Howdy, Jack, James, Jason, Jeff, Jensen, Jess, Jim, Jingles, Jock, Joe, John, Johnny, Jolly, Jonah, Josey, Josh, Ken, Kit, Larry, Lobo, Lucas, Luke, Marshal, Matt, Mike, Nick, Parker, Pat, Ranald, Red, Reese, Ringo,  Rocky, Roland, Rooster, Rowdy, Roy, Ryder, Sam, Seth, Shane, Sherman, Simon, Slade, Slim, Smith, Sonny, Stony, Tagg, Tate, Taylor, Tex, Tom, Vint, Walter, William, Woody, Wyatt, Yancy, or Zachary.

Cowgirl Baby Names
Annie, Brooke, Cat, Evelyn, Jennifer, Jesse, Mackenzie, Peggy, Ramona, or Victoria.

Country Singers

Names like Carrie, Shania, Dolly, Willie, Garth, or Keith may be front of mind under your cowboy hat, but a few names wrangled up from the country music circuit may be the perfect fit your little cowboy or cowgirl:

Male Country Singer Baby Names
A. P., Aaron, Al, Alan, Andy, Anthony, Archie, Arkie, Aron, Arthur, Ashton, B. J., Benny, Bill, Billy, Blaine, Blake, Bo, Bob, Bobby, Brad, Bradley, Brady, Brett, Brian, Brice, Bruce, Bryan, Buck, Bucky, Buddy, Buell, Butch, Byron, Cal, Carl, Carson, Chad, Charlie, Chet, Chris, Christian, Christopher, Chuck, Claude, Clay, Cledus, Cleve, Cliffie, Clint, Collin, Con, Conway, Cory, Craig, Curtis, Dale, Dallas, Dan, Danny, Darius, Daron, Darrell, Darryl, Dave, David, Davis, Dean, Del, Delbert, Dennis, Deryl, Dick, Dickey, Dierks, Doc, Don, Donovan, Dorsey, Doug, Duane, Dude, Dusty, Dwight, Earl, Ed, Eddie, Elbert, Elton, Elvis, Emilio, Eric, Ernest, Ernie, Faron, Ferlin, Floyd, Frank, Fred, Freddy, Garth, Gary, Gene, Geoff, George, Glen, Greg, Gus, Guy, Hal, , Hank, Harley, Harold, Hayes, Henry, Henson, Herb, Hoover, Hoyt, Hugh, J.C., Jace, Jack, Jake, James, Jamie, Jason, Jay, Jeff, Jeremy, Jerrod, Jerry, Jesse, Jim, Jimmy, Joe, Jo-El, John, Johnny, Joseph, Josh, Jud, Junior, Justin, Keith, Kenneth, Kenny, Kieran, Kix, Kris, Larry, Lee, Lefty, Leland, Leon, Leroy, Lew, Lionel, Luke,  Lyle, Mac, Marcus, Marion, Mark, Martin, Marty, Marvin, Matt, Mel, Merle, Michael, Moe, Monte, Moon, Narvel, Neal, Ned, Neil, Norro, Owen, Pat, Paul, Pee Wee, Philip, Porter, Radney, Ralph, Randy, Raul, Ray, Razzy, Red, Rex, Rhett, Richard, Richie, Ricky, Robert, Rockie, Rodney, Roger, Ronnie, Roscoe, Roy, Russell, Rusty, Ryan, Sammy, Sanford, Scott, Shane, Shawn, Shooter, Skeeter, Skip, Slim, Smith, Sonny, Spade, Steve, Stonewall, Stoney, Tennessee, Terry, Tex, Texas, Thom, Tift, Tim,  Toby, Todd, Tony, Trace, Travis, Trent, Trini, Troy, Ty, Van, Vernon, Victor, Vince, Wade, Warren, Waylon, Wayne, Webb, Wendell, Wesley, William, Willie, Wynn, or Zeke.

Female Country Singer Baby Names
Alecia, Alexis, Alison, Amber, Amie, Angela, Angie, Anita, April, Ashley,  Aubrey, Ava, Barbara, Barbi, Becky, Betty, Beverley, Billie Jo, Bobbi, Bobbie, Brandi, Brenda, Brittany, Carlene, Caroline, Carrie, Chalee, Charly, Chely, Cheryl, Cheyenne, Christy, Cindy, Claudia, Connie, Connie, Connie, Cristy, Crystal, Cyndi, Daisy, Danielle, Danni, Dawn, Deana, Deborah, Dolly, Donna, Dottie, Elizabeth, Emily, Emmylou, Erika, Erin, Faith, Gail, Georgia, Geri, Ginny, Goldie, Gretchen, Haley, Heather, Heidi, Helen, Holly, Iris, Irlene, Jan, Janie, Janis, Jann, Jean, Jeannie, Jenna, Jennifer, Jenny, Jessi, Jessica, Jett, Jill, Jo, Jody, Jolie, Joy Lynn, Judy, Julianne, Julie, Julienne, June, Juni, K. T., Karen, Kathy, Katie, Katrina, Kaye, Kelli, Kerry, Kimberly, Kippi, Kitty, Kristen, Kristy Lee, LaCosta, Lacy, Lana, Lane, Laura, Lauren, Lawanda, LeAnn, Leslie, , Lila, Linda, Lindsey, Lisa, Liz, Loretta, Lorrie, Louise, Lucinda, Lulu Belle, Maci, Maia, Mandy, Margie, Margo, Maria, Marie, Marilyn, Marsha, Martha, Martina, Mary Lou, Matraca, Maureen, Maxine, Maybelle, Melba, Melissa, Melodie, Meredith, Mica, Michelle, Mila, Mindy, Miranda, Molly, Nan, Nanci, Naomi, Nicolette, Nikki, Norah, Norma, Pam, Patsy, Patti, Peggy Sue, Penny, Priscilla, Rachel, Reba, Rebecca, Rhonda, Rissi, Rita, Robin, Ronna, Rosalie, Rosanne, Rose, Rosie, Roxie, Sandy, Sara, Shania, Shannon, Shelby, Shelly, Shirley, Sissy, Stacy, Star, Stella, Stephanie, Sue, Sunny, Susan, Susie, Sylvia, Tammy, Tanya, Taylor, Terri, Tracy, Trisha, Victoria, Wanda, Whitney, Wilma, Wynonna, Yvette, or Zella.

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