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Dance Baby Names

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The men and women who have graced stage and screen with their dancing prowess all began as someone’s little twinkle toes. If you’re inspired by the dedication that dancers have for their craft or even just love watching Dancing with the Stars, consider the following dance baby names. Some of these names you may recognize, some you may not. But suffice it to say, every one of these talented artists has made their mark on the world of dance.

Ballet Baby Names

A highly technical form of dance, it’s easy to take for granted the incredible strength and extensive training that is required to excel in ballet. The gifted people listed below make the craft look easy but their prowess is legendary and their names unforgettable.

Alicia Alonso – partially blind Cuban prima ballerina assoluta and choreographer 
Alina Cojocaru – Romanian ballet dancer
Anna Pavlova – legendary Russian prima ballerina; first to tour ballet around the world
Carlos Acosta – Cuban ballet dancer
Cyd Charisse – American ballet and film dancer
Dulcie Howes – South African ballet dancer and founder of Cape Town City Ballet
Fanny Elssler – Austrian dancer who pioneered new techniques such as pointe work
Galina Ulanova – great Soviet prima ballerina assoluta
Gillian Murphy – principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre
Irina Dvorovenko – Ukrainian ballet dancer
Joaquín Cortés – Spanish ballet dancer and choreographer
Margot Fonteyn – foremost British ballerina and assoluta
Mikhail Baryshnikov – legendary Russian ballet dancer
Moira Shearer – Scottish ballet dancer and actress
Phyllis Spira-Boyd – South African ballet dancer
Rex Howard Harrington – Canadian ballet dancer
Rudolf Nureyev – Russian ballet dancer
Sulamith Messerer – founder of Japanese ballet
Sylvie Guillem – French ballet dancer
Zizi Jeanmaire – ballet dancer; wife of renowned dancer and choreographer Roland Petit

Modern Dance Baby Names

These modern dancers took the classical forms of dance and re-interpreted and reshaped them to develop new movements of modern dance. Their work has advanced the art and freedom of dance and their names will forever be associated with the craft.

Alvin Ailey, Jr. – American modern ballet dancer and choreographer
Isadora Duncan – American dancer considered the mother of modern dance
Loie Fuller – American pioneer of modern dance and theatrical lighting techniques
Martha Graham – influential American dancer and choreographer; a foremost pioneer of modern dance
Erick Hawkins – American dancer and choreographer; pioneer of radical modern dance
Ruth St. Denis – early modern dance pioneer
William Vernon Blythe (Vernon Castle) and Irene Castle – husband-and-wife team of modern ballroom dancers

Hip Hop Dance Baby Names

The dance styles that hail from the hip hop genre span from breaking to popping, locking to krumping, and freestyle to street dance. The hip hop culture often produces uniquely named talent – take a look at some of the most well-known artists below.

Shabba Doo – American actor, dancer, choreographer and director; founder of hip hop
Omari Ishmael Grandberry – American singer, dancer, actor, songwriter and record producer; known for his tutting, popping, locking and waving
Hong 10 – accomplished South Korean b-boy dancer
Thomas Johnson “Tommy the Clown” – American dancer; inventor of the clowning style of dance which evolved into krumping 
Physicx – South Korean b-boy known for his individual and crew achievements in dance


In the good old days, entertainers could be categorized as triple threats – actors, singers and dancers alike. Here are some of the most notable names in showbiz – then and now – who have shown that their fancy feet are just one part of their talent.

Audrey Hepburn – Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Oscar award-winning actress and ballerina
Ben Vereen – Tony Award-winning actor, dancer and singer
Bill “Bojangles” Robinson – pioneer tap dancer and actor of stage and screen
Donald O'Connor – American dancer, singer and actor
Eleanor Powell – American actress and dancer known for her exuberant solo tap dancing
Eugene “Gene” Curran Kelly – award-winning dancer, choreographer, singer, actor and director
Fred Astaire – legendary American film and stage dancer, choreographer, singer and actor
Ginger Rogers – American film and stage dancer, singer and actress; partner of Fred Astaire
Gwen Verdon – American dancer and actress
Leslie Caron – French-born ballet dancer and actress
Michael Jackson – dancer and entertainer, celebrated for his trademark moonwalk
Rita Hayworth – American film dancer and actress
Savion Glover – American actor, tap dancer and choreographer
Vera-Ellen – American Broadway and film dancer and actress

Choreographer Baby Names

Choreographers are the people who have the vision and make dance come alive. Oftentimes their names are just as famous as the talent they instruct. See if your future troupe leader’s name is to be found among this bunch.

Alonzo King – American dancer and choreographer of contemporary ballet
Arthur Mitchell – American artistic director, educator, choreographer and dancer
Frankie Manning – American dancer, instructor and choreographer; founding father of Lindy Hop (another great name!)
George Balanchine – choreographer credited for bridging classical and modern ballet; co-founder of the New York City Ballet
Hermes Pan – Fred Astaire's principal choreographic collaborator
Michael Kidd – American Broadway and film choreographer and dancer
Pierre Beauchamp – French choreographer, dancer and composer
Robert Louis “Bob” Fosse – Tony Award-winning musical theater choreographer and director
Twyla Tharp – Emmy and Tony award-winning American dancer and choreographer
Vaslav Nijinsky – Russian ballet dancer and choreographer
Yury Grigorovich – Russian dancer and choreographer

And, finally, if your baby name selections cannot be narrowed down to just one talented dancer, take a moment to consider some fine forms of dance as inspiration for your child’s name. From the folk dance Eisa to swinging Jazz, the ceremonious Loure to the ballroom Peabody, however you Jive or Shuffle, any dance-related name will keep your son or daughter in the spotlight.

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