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Earth Day Inspired Baby Names

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April 22nd is Earth Day, a day designed to inspire environmental appreciation and awareness. It can also be inspiring to environmentally aware parents who are seeking a "green" name for their baby girl or boy. Whether you are focusing on the planet Earth as a whole or any of the multitudes of natural wonders that encompass it, come check out the best Earth Day baby names for boys and girls!

Earth day babyA good place to start are names that mean Earth. As the third planet from the sun, our home is a marvel in and of itself.

Boy Earth Names

Adam: The meaning of this name is "earth" and in Hebrew this is actually a general term for "man." In the Christian Bible, Adam was the first man made from the "red earth" of Eden.

Clay: This name comes from a naturally occurring substance in the earth.

Dagan: An old Hebrew name, this means "grain, the earth."

Damek: This is a Slavic version of the name Adam and also means "earth."

Kai: Meaning "keeper of the keys, earth," this name is of Welsh, Scandinavian and Greek origin.

Terran: This name means "earth man" and is of English origin.

Girl Earth Names

Adamina: This is the feminine form of the name Adam and also means "earth."

Adana: A Spanish version of Adam, this means "earth" as well.

Afra: A name that has Hebrew and Arabic origins, this means "color of earth."

Avani: A lovely Sanskrit name, this means "earth."

Gaea: A Greek name, this was the womanly personification of the earth.

Maia: This is the name of a Roman earth goddess of springtime.

Zola: Meaning "lump of earth," this name has Italian origins.

Water is incredibly inspiring. Whether it is a boundless ocean, a mighty river, an inland lake or a diminutive creek, water has indescribable beauty and amazing power.

Boy Water Names

Brooks: This name means "small stream" and is of Old English origin.

Calder: Meaning "rough waters," this has English roots.

Destan: A French name, this means "by the still waters."

Dover: This name means "water" and is of Welsh origin.

Irvin: Meaning "green or fresh waters," this has Gaelic roots.

Trent: This name means "gushing waters" and is of Latin origns.

Girl Water Names

Brenna: This lovely name means "little drop of water."

Kallan: Meaning "flowing water," this has Scandinavian roots.

Lana: This name means "calm as still waters" and is of Hawaiian origin.

Naida: This means "water nymph" and is of Greek origin.

Nixie: Meaning "water sprite," this name is of Old German origin.

Talise: A Native American name, this means "lovely water."

Flora is what we call all plant matter, whether it be a tiny clover in a field or a magnificient sequoia tree in a forest. Here are some flora names for boys and girls.

Boy Flora Names

Arlo: This is a Spanish name meaning "barberry tree."

Gefen: A Hebrew name meaning "vine."

Hamilton: An Old English name, this means "hill with grass."

Jacinto: This is the masculine version of the name Hyacinth.

Linden: This is the name of a tall deciduous tree.

Nalin: This Hindi name means "lotus," a gorgeous flower that flourishes in muddy waters.

Girl Flora Names

Ayanna: This Kiswahili name means "beautiful flower."

Eila: Meaning "tree," this name has Hebrew roots.

Jolan: A Greek name, this means "violet flower."

Kaya: This name means "yew tree."

Other Nature Names

Here are some other earthy and nature names you might consider for your girl: Berry, Birdie, Clover, Coral, Daisy, Fern, Hazel, Holly, Iris, Ivy, Lark, Laurel, Myrtle, Petal, Raine, Skye, Star, Stormy, Summer, Sunshine.

And for your boy: Birch, Blaze, Blue, Breeze, Desert, Flint, Larch, River, Stone, Storm, Sun, Tern, Tiger, Vireo.

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