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The 80's are back – Names inspired from bulls & bears, the Ivy League and the Trumps

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80's inspired names are the new trend according to recent polls and surveys. These names are more traditional, conservative and are inspired by T.V. series, universities and the global money market which boomed and crashed in the spandex decade.

The 80's were a conservative decade. The youthful of the 60's and the rowdiness of the 70's were substituted by the career world in which money was the name of the game.  Therefore, names were more traditional and historical names derived from the Anglo Saxon societies. Popular names now are: Tyler, Randolph, Parke, Preston, Logan, Walker, Addison and Avery.
Now, the recent hottest trend is not only to name your baby inspired by private names of this kind, but naming your baby by a surname. Names such as Chaplin, McKinley, Paxton, and Windsor can be found around the new baby's sections in hospitals.

The reminiscence of times past has led to the result where people name there babies names that were originally meant for their sex, but modern society changed them towards the other sex.
Ashley Brooke Courtenay Sidney and Whitney are becoming popular names for boys and some of them are already regarded as "too trendy".

The 80's were the revolutionary decade of epic and legendary television series: Dynasty, Dallas, Cheers, The Cosby Show, Knots Landing, Miami Vice and the Love Boat kept us riveted to the TV set.
As a result, a lot of names from those series became popular, especially with younger parents who remember those series as children.
Some of these names are: Krystle Blake Carrington Claudia and Alexis from the hit show Dynasty (Alexis appeared in the most popular names given in the last three years), Merrill and Ashley (for a female) from The Love Boat. Cliff, Diane and Lilith inspired by Cheers and Cunningham, as the surname of the main family in Knots Landing.

Of course, what would the 80's be without "College" names? Names inspired by the Ivy League universities and the social status which they are linked to, were extremely popular.
Today, the fad is back. More & more are naming their babies these preppy names, mainly because of the sound and its distinction. A lot of parents would like to pass on, grown up qualities to their baby and by naming him accordingly, can make an impression on his or her personalities.
We have compiled eighty popular names inspired by this new craze:
Archibald, Acton, Astoria, Abercrombie, Augusta, Amherst, Ashby, Buckley, Brodie, Bennett, Breck, Blakeley, Calloway, Carlton, Cindy, Cornelia, Cornell, Cordelia, Delancey, Duffield, Danforth, Davis, Evert, Fulton, Grant, Gareth, Gray, Grayson, Hunt, Heisley, Holden, Hartley, Heatherly, Healy, Hutchinson, Huntington, Hollis, Hollister, Ives, Jamison, Johnson, Jackson , Jarvis, Jefferson, Keating, Langston, Lenox, Mercer, Mercedes, McCarthy, Marshall, Newell, Octavia, Peyton, Patton, Pierce, Porter, Rutherford, Remington, Sinclair, Sloan, Stanford,  Stone, Sumner,  Townsend, Turner, Truman, Tristram, Waverley, Weston, Wright, Wharton, Wythe, Wheeler, Worthington, Webb, Winslow, Xavier, Yale.

What do you think of this new trend?
Do you remember outlandish names from the 80's?

Please write to us and don't forget to "Relax"…

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