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Elegant nine-letter baby names

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Nine is such a great number. Or at least that trick for multiplying by nines on our fingers saved our tails more than once in grade school. Celebrate the magic of this number with our favorite elegant nine-letter baby names for boys and girls.

Do you find yourself drawn to longer names? Sadly, not too many of those names top the charts. It can be frustrating paging through the baby name books waiting for a longer name to catch your eye, especially if you want something a bit more unusual. We dug around and found some super stylish nine-letter names for both boys and girls to get you started.

Baby boy names with nine letters

Do you want a name loaded with diminutives? Because nine-letter boy names are the way to go — they have tons of nickname potential. Notice how heavily these names borrow from surnames, a growing baby name trend over the last couple of decades. While surnames like Cooper and Miller dominate on the charts, we prefer the classy sound of their longer counterparts Forrester and Jefferson.

Baby girl names with nine letters

Longer names for baby girls tend to have a princess sound. This isn't a hard and fast rule, though — plenty of these baby girl names belong on doctors and business executives. With a few pop star-caliber monikers thrown in for fun times and good measure.

Are there downsides to longer names?

In general, long first names pair well with shorter surnames. If you have a very long last name, you might run into trouble with a nine-letter first name. Even if everything fits on the forms, a name approaching 20 characters in total length can be a bit much for a kindergartener to learn to spell. But, honestly? If you love the name, this is a hurdle that can be overcome with some patience and a little practice.

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