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Exotic Names from Around the World

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Do you prefer the exotic and original for your baby?  Whether you are searching for something different that has a potent and positive meaning, or if you are looking for inspiration to create a name of your own, this is the list for you. Browse through unique and meaningful boy’s and girl’s names from around the world.

Do you like a particular ethnicity or country's names?  Use our advanced search  to search for names by origin.

Exotic Girl Names

Morgandy – Celtic origin, meaning “a little one from the sea’s edge”

Adisa – Origin is Ashanti of Ghana, meaning “the one will teach us”

Adel – German origin, meaning “noble”

Aysel – Turkish origin, meaning “moonlight”

Dafina – Swahili origin, meaning “valuable, precious”

Kenyatta – East African origin, meaning “one who is a musician”

Eolande – Celtic origin, meaning “violet flower”

Johari – Kiswahili origin, meaning “jewel”

Jovana – Hindi origin, meaning “young woman”

Jyoti – Indian origin, meaning “light”

Lawan – Thai origin, meaning “beautiful”

Makeeda – Ethiopian origin, meaning “the beautiful”

Marit – Swedish origin, meaning “pearl”

Marjan – Western Yugur origin, meaning “coral”

Naima – Swedish origin, meaning “tranquility”

Naira – Quechuan and Aymaran origin, meaning “large eyes”

Renata – Roman origin, female version of the name Renatus, meaning “born again”

Saran – originates from Guinea, meaning “joy”

Shani – Swahili origin, meaning “marvelous”

Exotic Boy Names

Aamir – Indian origin, meaning “prosperous”

Anwell – Celtic origin, meaning “one who is loved and dear”

Adwin – Originates in Ghana, meaning “one who is a thinker or an artist”

Dalmar – Somali origin, meaning “versatile”

Dragan – Slavic origin, meaning “precious”

Einar – Scandinavian origin, meaning “one warrior”

Fintan – Irish origin, meaning “white fire or fair-haired”

Ismet – Turkish origin, meaning “honor”

Lindell – Swedish origin, meaning “lime tree”

Niyol  – Native American Navajo origin, meaning “wind”

Runako – African origin, meaning “handsome”

Sivan – Kurdish origin, meaning “shepherd”

Tanvir – Indian origin, meaning “strong”

Tahir – Hebrew/Arabic origin, meaning “pure"

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Comments (20)Add Comment
written by Amilea, October 31, 2008
haha, I also love the names Aurora and Belle.
written by Amilea, October 31, 2008
just thought I would let you know that Mariska is pronounced MA-RISH-KA. it is such a beautiful name!!!!

anyone agree??
written by Sanasha, November 15, 2008
I dont know why but i love the name Easy for a boy. everyone tells me i shouldn't ever name my son that but i think its a really handsome, stong name.
My Name is.....
written by Sanasha, November 15, 2008
Sanasha Le pronounced ( Sa-nay-sha) my mother made it up herself and i think its really pretty and unique. I've never met anyone with my name.
for TORI - "Trying to find a Unique Fit - HELP :)"
written by Jiinxsay Lee, January 09, 2009
hey Tori,
i notice you like the name Alyx for a girl.
i used an alias on livejournal, alyxiana.
(pn: uh-lix-ee-ah-nuh)
maybe that will help.
My name is
written by Jarnie, January 11, 2009
My name is Jarnie (jar-nee) growing i wanted a normal name because i never could buy a tooth brush or cup with my name it on it. but now i love it you dont become a number because your name is so unique and everyone remembers it sometimes a little different but it makes for conversation i love having an unusual name! My partner and I are currently on the llok for a name for our first child we dont know what the gender is yet but we will definetly pick a unique name i think it gives you confidence to have a strong name.
the name Leilani
written by Gina, January 19, 2009
I really like the name Leilani. A girl I was friends with in High School, this was her name.
written by Mascara, March 12, 2009
my name is Mascara (like the eye make-up) i think its a unique and pretty name, never yet met anyone with the same name as me :] i guess thats what you get from being norwegian in america, i've had one daughter and i named her Charma-Caroline i thought it flowed nicely and was pretty unique
Different names
written by Sharene, April 29, 2009
My father and oldest son name is Thyran, because no one can remember it, or say it right or spell it, my dad picked out "Ted" for a nick name. My son is "Tod",
My youngest son is Devron.
My daughter's middle name is K'Jean it is fun playing around with spellings. And last abut not least one of my dogs, the littlest is named LaBelaTeodra or TediBel.Took me about a week to come up with this.
opinions needed!
written by georgia, May 02, 2009
my name is Georgia Lou Mae and i think it is unique and love growing up with a unique name because i have never met anyone with my name.
i need your alls opinion on some names i have picked out ...opinions please.

Girl: Hazelin Jaylee
Stellarina Louise
Shayleen Grace
Harmony LaShae
Raygen Shay
Kady Hope
Kansas Rose
Boy: Kealton Dalwaine
Braxton Jax
Braithyn Wayne
Ryland James
Konnor Waine.

written by Tristan Nicole, May 04, 2009
When I write, I can develop the characters beautifully... until I get around to naming them. I like the interesting and uncommon names; a few of my favorites are: Yuki (for a boy or girl), Caprice, Charlotte, Oliver, Analiese, Orson, etc. Any suggestions?
to Georgia:
written by Tristan Nicole, May 04, 2009
Well, since I live in Kansas, I have to say Kansas Rose is nice :) (not to be biased hehe)
Harmony LaShae is really pretty, too.
For a boy's name, I like Braithyn Wayne and Konnor Waine. The latter rolls off the tongue better, I think.
written by Tristan Nicole, May 04, 2009
Since other people like their names, I guess I can talk about mine, too! I like my name because it's not very common in boys, and even rarer in girls! I'm the only girl I know whose name is Tristan.
written by Hannah2009, May 06, 2009
The Hebrew name for grace is Hannah.
written by Kassimah, May 19, 2009
My name is Kassimah.. (Cas-e-ma or Cas-ma )
My Grandmother made it up. Its very unique and rare I have never meet any other like mine..
I love
written by Patty Morales, July 07, 2009
My daughter's name is Kianah (kee-yuh-nah) Leilani. Ther hawaiian spelling is keona but I changed it to this. I love that I named my daughter this. I couldn't see her with any other name.
written by Mikayla, August 05, 2009
Audrey Elaine
Addison Grace
Summer Marie
Madison Brooke

Gavin Blake awww=)
Aiden james
Dace love it!
Carson boy or girl=)
need alittle help!!!!!
written by Tiana M, August 26, 2009
I'm trying to find either a boy or girls name that starts with a J and ends with an H, Its a surprise on what we're having... My first sons name is JAZIAH, throw some ideas at me please!!! Mahalo
written by Cheyenne, September 20, 2009
Alright --

I was thinking of a few names I have and wanted to know any opinions of them. My name is Cheyenne Noelle, and almost everyone in my family has a unique name. Here are some thoughts:

Luna Ireland
Luke Samuel
Adam River
Keidence Rainn --> like the word 'cadence'
Aisollyn Faith --> pronounced, 'az-o-lin'
Jude West
Skye Marie
Noelani Lee
Morgandy Anne
Gorgeous Names
written by Ciara, September 02, 2010
I love the names:



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