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Fancy baby names and easy nicknames

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Some baby names are more fancy than others. Fancy baby names are longer, elegant names that have a beautiful flow and multiple syllables. One reason parents don't choose fancy baby names more often is because they can be cumbersome for a small child. Good news! We've picked out the coolest fancy baby names with ready-made nicknames suitable for a child and an adult. Read on!

You may fear that picking a fancy baby name may make you and your child sound pretentious. You may love the sound of a fancy, longer name, or you may have relatives or ancestors you wish to honor. Happily many elegant names have a ready-made nickname built in that you can choose to use when your child is small and they can revert to their longer name when they grow up -- or not!

For ideas for your fancy little one, check out what we've picked for you.

Fancy baby names for girls

Alexandria: Potential nicknames here are Alex, Xan or Ria.

Amelia: A classic name gaining in popularity, Amy or Lia are suitable nicknames.

Anamaria: Many nicknames can come from this name -- Anna, Maria, Mary or Ann.

Anastasia: She can go by Ana, Anna or Stacy.

Beatrix: A fun name by itself, Trixie is a good nickname.

Cassandra: Sandy and Cassie are possibilities here.

Dionysia: How about Dion or Dee?

Evangeline: Evie is a smart nickname for this one.

Francesca: If you love this name, how about Frankie, Chelsea or Cissy as a nickname?

Geneva: This lovely name can be easily shortened to Jenny or Ginny, or even Eva.

Gwendolyn: Lyn or Gwen are possibilities here.

Isadora: Another name climbing the popularity charts, Izzy and Dora are good nicknames.

Josephine: A queenly name, a nickname of Jo is super cute for a little girl.

Marietta: Mari, Mary or Etta are great nicknames from this one.

Ophelia: If you're a fan of Shakespeare you may love this name, but your daughter may prefer to go by Lia.

Penelope: This cute and sassy name lends itself to an equally cute nickname -- Penny.

Seraphina: A simple Sara is the logical choice, or spell it Sera for a bit of fun.

Violetta: Violet or even Etta come from this name.

Wilhelmina: Do you have an ancestor to honor with this name? No fear, Mina is a cute modern nickname.


Fancy baby names for boys

Alexander: This traditional and popular name can be shortened to Alex or Xander.

Anthony: A very traditional name, yet aristcratic, Tony is a good nickname.

Benjamin: A strong name, this can be shortened to Ben or Benji.

Broderick: A formal name, Brody is a good nickname.

Dominic: This name means business, but while he is a baby, he can go by Nic or Dom.

Emmanuel: This lovely long name can be shortened to Manny.

Frederick: If you don't want to call your boy Fred, Eric is a great nickname.

Gabriel: A name that grows well, Gabe is a super cute nickname.

Gideon: Stumped for a nickname? How about Deon?

Jameson: Going by James or Jamie may suit him!

Jeremiah: Jerry is an obvious nickname, but Jeremy is another idea.

Ignatius: This fancy name has a modern nickname possibility -- Nate.

: Looking for an awesome name? Go no further, and keep Max in mind for a nickname.

Nicodemus: Similar to Nicholas but with a Greek flair, this shares similar nicknames, such as Nick.

Orlando: A Star Wars nickname comes to mind -- Lando.

Sullivan: Sully is an option, but so is Van.

: Zach is an easy nickname here. 

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