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Fashionable Baby Names

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The Donna. The Michael. The Dionne.  For anyone who likes to work that runway (or at least wear carpool couture), it’s time to take an inside look at fashionista inspired baby names for your little one to rock the casbah. Um, catwalk. Or in this case, let’s face it – the cradle. Check out our ideas of fashionable and unique baby names for your future style star.

The first question to ask yourself is this: are you into demure, revealing little frocks or a more classic, tailored look? Do you prefer bright, bold patterns or simple lines? Is your overall goal to wow them with accessories or go mainstream with the Gap?

Once you determine your fashionista flair, you can determine how you want your little one portrayed. Gianni, as in Versace, will not disappoint as you can always call your son Johnny for short. If you’re into tailored looks there’s always Vera Wang, the somewhat preppy and pretty Lilly or the whimsical Cynthia.

If Pulitzer or Rowley aren’t up your alley, you can always go by some funkylicious alternatives. There’s Isaac:  Mizrahi has been known to dazzle ‘em with his designs. Betsey Johnson has been known to turn heads with her animal prints and fuchsia colors. How about Dionne for her famous wrap dress?

Here are some fashionable baby names to get you started: John Varvatos, Derek Lam, Nicole Miller, Donna Karan.  What about Oscar as in de la Renta? Or thinking about Oscar on another level, how about the Academy Awards and who dresses whom? Bob Mackie, for example, decked Cher out in some unforgettable show stopping outfits.  Another option of course is mixing it up with foreign fashionista sounding names. Yves St. Laurent for one, Louis Vuitton for another.  

For another twist you can always rock out that baby name with inspirational cues from Americana. Tommy Hilfiger built an empire as did Liz Claiborne. Are their first names somewhat eccentric? No, but depending on pairing it with a middle name that pops much like wearing a leopard pump with a little black dress, your overall ensemble may be turning heads.

Would you care to go with a Tommy Marc or how about Dionne Dior? Or maybe the designers last names would work as well. Instead of Marc Jacobs, you can go with Tommy Jacobs. beauty of baby naming is the ability to think out of the box and get creative with it. Are you a stylicious trendsetter or more mainstream? Do you like things to pop or are you a fave shopper of Ann Taylor? While we’re talking mainstream, you can indeed mix things up a bit. Since Gwyneth chose Apple for her daughter’s name, why not Banana as in Banana Republic?

Ok, that may be pushing it too far but you get the idea. Baby naming inspiration can come from a variety of sources, including that fashionista runway right down to the local strip mall. So next time you walk the walk and talk the talk, start thinking about dripping in it, dah-ling. As you think of the proverbial question, “Who are you wearing?” -- aside from the outfit themselves -- the person behind them is typically a powerhouse.

While the fashion world is very challenging to break into, whether it’s a Michael Kors or Nanette Lepore, chances are these geniuses have worked hard and have established a grand aura about them. They’ve built an empire, let their talents shine, and well, soared through the fashion world to spawn other lines like shoes, perfume, watches, the works.  Like their name or not, you may want to consider naming your son or daughter a fashion-inspired name so their name is in lights, on the runway, doing a twirl and yes, taking a final bow.  

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