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Feminine Baby Names for Girls

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Seeking a feminine name for your baby girl? Feminine names for girls can either be on the shorter side (like Anna) or long and elaborate (like Victoria). Feminine names have been popular for generations and include classic and historical names that are coming back into vogue, as well as more modern and contemporary names. Check out our collection of the best feminine names for baby girls!

Classic feminine names are generally elaborate and tend to have multiple syllables and end in a vowel, so there are plenty of those represented in our list. However, ultra-girly can be captured with a shorter name as well, particularly if the name is that of a flower or jewel. Names that come from fairy tales are also good girly choices as are names of royalty.

If you're concerned that your daughter may not "fit" into an overly feminine name, don't fret -- one option that she may have is that the longer, more elaborate names almost always have a shorter, less-feminine nickname. So, over the years, if she desires that she'd like to be known as Rory instead of Aurora or Alex instead of Alexandra then she always has that option!

Have fun -- and get inspired -- as you browse our list of the best feminine baby girl names.

Alexandra: This is the feminine form of the Greek name Alexander, which means "man's defender."

Amelia: This Old German name means "industrious, striving."

Anastasia: This name has Greek origins and means "resurrection."

Anna: This classic, feminine name is a version of the name Hannah.

Ariana: This Welsh name means "silver."

Aurora: A Latin name, this means "dawn."

Camilla: This name comes from an old Roman family name (Camillus). Interestingly, this may have been used by young girls who assisted at pagan ceremonies.

Cordelia: This name likely comes from the Latin word for heart -- "cor." Featured in the Shakespeare play King Lear.

Fiona: A Gaelic name, this means "fair, pale."

Giovanna: This name is actually a feminine form of the name John and has Italian roots.

Helena: This name means "shining light" and is of Greek origins.

Isabella: This popular name is another version of the name Elizabeth.

Ivy: This nature name is from English origins and refers to the climbing plant.

Julietta: Meaning "youthful," this is another version of the name Julia.

Lavinia: This Latin name has an interesting origin -- this was the name of the legendary mother of all Roman people.

Lila: Of Arabic origin, this means "night."

Lily: This refers to the flower of the same name and has English roots.

Miranda: Of Latin origin, this name means worthy of admiration." This was also used in a Shakespeare play -- The Tempest.

Natalya: This is a Russian name that means "birthday.'

Octavia: A name with Latin roots, this means "eighth."

Olivia: This popular name comes from the olive tree. This name is also featured in the Shakespeare play The Twelfth Night."

Ruby: This name comes from the name for the red gemstone.

Seraphina: A Hebrew name, this means "burning ones." Feminine form of the name Seraphim.

Serena: A Latin name, this means "serene, calm."

Sophia: This name means "wisdom" and has Greek roots.

Valentina: This is the feminine form of the name Valentine, which is a saint's name. Means "strong, healthy."

Victoria: This classic name means "victory" and is of Latin origin.

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written by Morgan Makelin, December 16, 2009
Ever since I decided I didn't want my next little girl's name to end in the 'a' sound, it seems like almost every girl name suggestion I see ends in an 'a'. Why is this?

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