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Filipino Girl Baby Names

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Are you searching for a Filipino name for your baby girl? Whether you are of Filipino descent, have a Filipino partner or are adopting a Filipino baby, you have come to the right place. Our selection here contains traditional Filipino names with Tagalog origins (with Tagalog being one of the main languages of the Philippines). We have also included several Spanish names and even English names that are popular in the island nation, as there are many names like that that are widely popular there.

Filipino baby girlLet us help you find the perfect Filipino baby name for your girl with the list below:

Amihan: This Tagalog name comes from the word that means "the northeast monsoon"

Amor: This means "love" in Spanish, and is often used as a given names in the Philippines

Analyn: This is a combination of the English names "Anna" and "Lynn" and is a popular name in the Philippines

Bituin: the star (Tagalog)

Chona: This Tagalog name has an unknown meaning

Dalisay: pure (Tagalog)

Divina: This Spanish name means "the divine"

Diwata: Meaning "goddess," this Tagalog name's origin is firmly rooted in Philippine mythology where a Diwata is a figure similar to fairies or nymphs and is said to be a guardian spirit of nature

Flordeliza: Comes from the Spanish phrase "flor de Liza" (Liza's flower) which is the name of a Philippine film

Imee: This is the nickname of the eldest daughter of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, and can also be used as a given name (Tagalog)

Imelda: This name is a Tagalog derivative of the Old High German Irmhild, which means "universal fight"

Jovelyn: This Tagalog name's meaning is unknown

Laarni: unknown meaning (Tagalog)

Lailani: Native Philippine name (Tagalog)

Liezel: This is a Tagalog variant of the English name Elizabeth, which means, "My God is abundance"

Ligaya: This Tagalog name means "happiness"

Lilibeth: This name is popular in the Philippines -- it is a combination of the English names "Lily" and "Beth"

Liwayway: the dawn (Tagalog)

Liwliwa: inspiration (Tagalog)

Lualhati: spiritual peace -- this name is also a native Philippine family name (Tagalog)

Luningning: brilliance or brightness -- this is one of the more popular native names (Tagalog)

Luzviminda: This name was created by combining three of the islands of the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (Tagalog)

Malaya: This Tagalog name means "free, independent"

Marilag: beautiful (Tagalog)

Mayumi: modest (Tagalog)

Mirasol: This is the Spanish word for "sunflower" and it is often used in the Philippines as a given name

Nenita: This is another Spanish name that is used often in the Philippines, and it means "little girl"

Riza: unknown meaning (Tagalog)

Rubylyn: possible combination of the English names "Ruby" and "Lynn" (Tagalog)

Rutchel: unknown meaning, also spelled Rutchell (Tagalog)

Tala: This Tagalog name means "bright star or planet."

We hope that you have fun looking for a distinctly Filipino baby girl name, whether it be a native name or one of a different origin that is popular in the Philippines. Filipino names are melodic and beautiful, and even when the meaning is unknown, the name is lovely.

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