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Food Baby Names: Edible Monikers

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People often say, “That baby is so cute I could just eat her up!” Well, why not give your little lady or gentleman a food-inspired baby name? Whether you’re a casual diner or serious gourmet, whether you’re inspired by your pregnancy cravings or the Food Network, you can satiate your appetite for uniqueness when you give your child a gourmet baby name for life. Take a look at the smorgasbord collected here.

Sweet Baby Names

If you’re devoted to your sweet tooth, this category may be the one for you. Take the tastiest delights you’ve ever nibbled in any number of directions. Play it safe with standards like Cookie, Candy or Chip. Or stretch an unexpected treat into a notable name for your child. Some confectionary favorites include: Divinity, Suzette (as in Crepes Suzette), Tiramisu, Babka, Angel (as in Angel Food Cake), Fortune (as in Fortune Cookie), Cocoa, Chiffon, Lady (as in Lady Fingers), Truffle and Marzipan.

Spicy Baby Names

From the definitive “Spice” to the obvious “Herb,” the unusual “Saucy” to the simple “Honey,” the sweet and savory bits that season our food are a treasure trove of unique names. You can even pick and choose the parts of an edible delight that suit your child best such as Teri (teriyaki) or Meg (nutmeg). Or try one of these additives on for size: Ginger, Minty, Pepper, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Basil, Sugar, Caesar (as in dressing), Cinnamon, Saffron, Salsa, Barley, Cocoa, Chutney, Hops and Angelica.

Baby Name Beverages

If you’re thirsting to imprint your child’s birth certificate with an extra-unusual name, take a gander at these potent potables: Vino, Brandy, Cider, Gin, Martini, Bijou, Julep, Punch, Toddy, Collins, Absinthe and Scotch. You may even want to consider paying tribute to your beer of choice with Miller, Samuel Adams, Amstel or Corona. The origin of your son or daughter’s name is certain to keep them in good “spirits.”

Fruits and Vegetable Baby Names

Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple (pictured), fruit has found new meaning in the vernacular. Here are some mouthwatering names that will have your new addition standing out from the crop. Alternate spellings can make things even more interesting. Pucker up for: Cherry, Huck (short for Huckleberry), Endive, Pumpkin, Raisin (or Razen, if you dare), Olive, Peach, Maize (or Maizey), Currant, Berry, Kiwi, Mango, Tangerine and Fig.

Cheese Baby Names

Maybe you’re a fan of some satisfying Swiss fondue, love the Cheshire Cheese of jolly old England or you’re just proud to be a good old Green Bay Packer cheesehead. However you cut it, these cheese names range from the simply delicious to the slightly exotic: Brie, Edam, Friulano, Queso, Chanco, Gala, Colby, Jack (as in Cheddar Jack) and Amablu.

Bread and Pasta Baby Names

We can thank Italy for some of the melodic pasta names that make up this next grouping: Campanelle (Italian for “little bell”), Gigli, Trenne, Mafalde and Risi. Or if you’re a real devourer of carbohydrates, you may want to pay tribute to your cravings by naming your child after one of the following: Muffin, Mac (as in mac ‘n’ cheese), Focaccia, Broa or Rye.

Brand Name Baby Names

The product names and brands behind some of our favorite foods can serve as great inspiration for your child’s name as well. Love cereal? Try Kellogg. Eat ketchup with everything? Try Heinz. Gum devotee? Consider Chiclet or Orbit. Chocolate fiend? Try Hershey, Cadbury, Lindt or Twix.

If you don’t feel quite brave enough to brand your child with an edible name legally, you may find a delightful nickname or two in this menu. Whatever you decide, if you serve up a food-inspired name for your little one, whether exotic or ordinary, they will always be unforgettable. Just remember, your child isn’t a flavor of the month – have fun, but keep in mind that what satisfies your palette may not satisfy theirs.

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