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Foreign Baby Names

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From Ireland to the Middle East, names from foreign cultures are a meaningful way to honor your heritage or capture the charm of a favorite culture or ethnicity.

Names from foreign origins are not just the latest trend, they are a profound way to give your child a connection to your heritage, culture, or religious affiliation for a lifetime.  In our world of globalization and the easy access across cultural boundaries, an ethnic name is an important part of preserving ones identity and connection to the past.

Baby Names from Around the World:

Irish Baby Names: The Hottest New Trend
The latest American given names trend is Irish!  Irish names are the latest rage, taking the top spots on national popularity charts and rising up out of the sea of given name choices.

Arab Names - Names with a Glory Past and a Hopeful Future
Today, the Muslim world and Arabic societies are held under unbreakable scrutiny. Extremist against reformists,  old thought verses reformists, not to mention the western world in conflict with Arab countries.

Exotic Names from Around the World
Do you prefer the exotic and original for your baby?  Whether you are searching for something different that has a potent and positive meaning, or if you are looking for inspiration to create a name of your own, this is the list for you.

Japanese Baby Names: Names from the Land of the Rising Sun
Sushi, Shiazo, minimalist design and anime cartoons are just some of the Japanese cultural elements that can be found in every home in the Western world. Now the next big thing to come from the land of Sony and samurais are baby names.

Spanish Names - Names from Europe's Hot Spot
Pablo, Carmen, Sergio or Diego are some of the most popular given names in one of the most popular tourist destination in recent years – Spain.  Read more about the hot new trend.

Chinese Baby Names - Ancient Nation, New Beginnings
This summer, as the Olympic torch will light at the opening ceremony in Beijing, China will show the world its vast change it has gone through in the last years. Here is a chance to read about this change and its effect on baby naming.

Today's Popular German Baby Names
German tradition is a strong undercurrent influencing American baby name choices.  With almost a fifth of Americans tracing Germanic roots, German baby names are an American tradition.

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