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French Baby Names for your Little Trendsetter

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Are you looking for a baby name that helps your child stand out in a crowd? Giving your child a French baby name allows you to take that so-called simple "Anthony" or "Claudia" and make it more unique – Antoine or Claudine – so you get the name you like and your baby gets a stand-out moniker.

Eiffel tower FranceCan’t decide between two names? Indulge in the popular French tradition of adding a hyphen and creating a more unique first name like Jean-Luc or Paul-Frédéric for a boy, and Amélie- Élisabeth or Geneviève-Marie for a girl.

Since France is occasionally considered to have a laissez-faire attitude about some subjects, it may come as a surprise that they have some long-standing laws governing a child’s first name. A law instituted under Napoleon’s rule calls for Christian children to receive saints’ names, Jewish children to receive Old Testament names, and all children to receive names that won’t make them the subject of ridicule – determined at the discretion of officials who register the names.

It goes without saying, whether you’re French or not, that you shouldn’t punish your child with a silly name! But otherwise, American baby-naming is as free as it comes. Without further ado, here are French names that might just suit your little mademoiselle or monsieur – English versions are in parentheses when the name may not automatically lend itself to translation.

French Boy Names

Adrien, Aimé, Alain, Alexandre, Alexis, Alfred, Alphonse, Amaury, André (Andrew), Anton, Arnaud, Auguste, Augustin

Benjamin, Benoît (Benedict), Bernard, Bertrand, Bertram, Bruno

Charles, Christian, Christophe, Claude, Corentin

Daniel, David, Denis, Didier, Dion, Dominique

Édouard (Edward), Émile, Emmanuel, Éric, Étienne (Steven), Eugène

Fabrice, Félix, Florian, Francis, François, Franck, Frédéric

Gabriel, Gaston, Georges, Gérard, Gilbert, Gilles, Grégoire, Guillaume, Gustave

Henri, Hervé, Honoré, Hugues (Hugo)

Isaac, Ivo

Jacques (James), Jean (John), Jérôme, Joseph, Jules, Julien

Laurent, Léon, Louis, Luc (Luke), Lucas

Marc, Marcel, Martin, Matthieu, Maurice (Morris), Michel

Nicolas, Noël

Odilon, Olivier

Pascal, Patrick, Patrice, Paul, Philippe, Pierre (Peter)

Raymond, Rémy, René, Richard, Robert, Roger, Roland

Sébastien, Serge, Silvane, Stéphane

Théodore, Théophile, Thibaut (Theobald), Thierry (Terry), Thomas, Timothée, Tristan

Victor, Vincent, Virgile

Xavier, Yves, Zacharie

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French Girl Names

Adélaïde, Adèle, Adrienne, Agathe, Agnès, Aimée, Alexandrie, Alice, Amélie (Amelia), Anaïs, Anastasie, Andrée (Andrea), Anne, Anouk, Antoinette, Arnaude, Astrid, Audrey, Aurélie, Aurore

Bernadette, Bernadine, Bertille, Blanche, Brigitte

Camille, Capucine, Caroline, Catherine, Cécile, Céline, Chantal, Charlotte, Chloé, Christelle, Christiane, Christine, Claire, Clémence, Colette, Constance, Corinne

Danielle, Denise, Diane, Dominique, Dorothée

Édith, Éléonore, Élisabeth, Élise, Élodie, Émilie, Émmanuelle

Felicité, Fleur, Florence, Françoise, Frédérique

Gabrielle, Geneviève, Georgette, Germaine, Gisele

Hélène, Héloïse, Henriette, Hortense

Indra, Inès, Isabelle

Jacqueline, Jeanne (Joan/Jean/Jane), Jeannine (Janine), Joséphine, Josette, Julie, Juliette

Laetitia, Laure, Laurence, Lorraine, Louise, Luce (Lucy)

Madeleine, Manon, Marcelle, Margaux, Marguerite, Marianne, Marie, Marine, Marthe, Martine, Maryse, Mathilde, Michèle, Monique

Nathalie, Nicole, Noëlle, Noémi

Océane, Odette, Odile, Olivie, Orianne, Orleans

Patricia, Paulette, Pauline, Pénélope, Philippine

Rachelle, Rébeque, Régine, Renée, Romaine

Sabine, Salomé, Simone, Sophie, Stéphanie, Susanne, Sylvie

Tenille, Thérèse, Thomasine

Valentine, Valérie, Véronique, Victoire, Violette, Virginie

Zénobie, Zoé

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From Caen to Paris to Rennes, even the cities of fabulous France can give you an idea for a fabulous first name for your child. With any luck, the unmistakable sound and unique spelling of a French name will inspire your child to be a regular bon vivant!

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need a name for my new baby girl..
written by Aimee De La Cruz-Lim, March 27, 2010
Hello, I already have 2 kids both boys, named Brent Reiluiz and Brad Raizen.. We'll be having the newest member of our family by July and it's gonna be a baby girl.. We are soooo excited about her since we've been praying for a baby girl.. However, we still haven't come up with a name for her.. We want it to start with Br with middle name starts with R, since her two older brothers' name are like that.. hope you can help me..

A name for your baby girl
written by Autumn Breeze, June 22, 2010
Immediately the name Bridgette came to means Strong also a Celtic mythological goddess embodying fiery and poetry...And for a middle name Raine which means queen...What substance this name holds when put together or standing alone...Bridgette Raine will represent a Strong Fiery Poetic Queen...I luv about u?
girls and boys names
written by shannon moore, April 05, 2011
I am looking for simple but unique names, i have 2 boys Jayda and Cade. I am pregnant with my third, dont know sex yet. But would love to hear some names, love names like Ruby, Bella, Isabella etc but everyone i know has those names, would like something a bit different.
Shannon- Names
written by reine, May 11, 2011
When I saw you liked Ruby for a girl but it was too popular, I thought of Sapphira Sapphire and Amethyst, all uncommon gem names.
For Isabella and Bella, you can try the less common Isobel, Isabel. Or, try something more unique like Isla, Brielle, Sabel, Ella, Marcella, Aziella, Azalea, Bayla, Ayella and more unique ones.

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