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Geography baby names: Spectacular inspiration from rivers, mountains and more

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Majestic mountains, glistening rivers and sandy deserts:The earth's geography provides glorious sights at every turn. Sit back, drink it in and draw baby name inspiration from the beauty of nature that surrounds you.  

Mountain Baby Names

Consider giving your baby a grand, stately name inspired by the tallest landmarks on the planet.

  • Everest, Makalu and Annapurna are all "Eight-Thousanders" in the Himalayas; that is, each is 8,000 or more meters above sea level. Over the last couple of years, Everest has seen increased popularity for both boys and girls.

  • The "Seven Summits" include the highest mountains of each continent, among them Vinson Massif, Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) and Mount McKinley. If the mountain names themselves are too exotic, why not consider Seven... celebrities seem to like it.

  • The "Seven Second Summits" are, of course, the second-highest mountains of each continent and include Mount Kenya, Mount Tyree, Mount Logan and Julianatop. Kenya is making serious strides up the girls' popularity chart.

  • "Volcanic Seven Summits" are the highest volcanoes of each continent, such as Mount Sidley, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. Yes, they're odd... but that makes them unique, right?

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River Baby Names

Would you consider naming your baby Didess, Kerio or Nile?  Sometimes rivers are named after people… and sometimes people can be named after rivers. Take a look at these potential baby names among prominent rivers in each of the continents.

  • Africa:  African rivers include Chari, Lomami, Mara, Maringa, Omo, Saint Paul, Sierra Leone, Shebelle, Tana and Zambezi.

  • North America:  Among the many North American rivers are Alsek, Dean, Flint, Fraser, Mackenzie, St. Johns, Willamette and Yukon.

  • South America:  Travelers from around the world are drawn to beautiful South American rivers like Caroni, Loa, Madeira, Magdalena, Maroni, Mira, Rapel, Palena, Patia, San Jorge and San Juan.

  • Antarctica:  Only a few of the rivers in Antarctica are named, such as Adams Stream, Aiken Creek, Alph River, Lawson Creek and Onyx River.

  • Asia:  In Asia, you will find beautifully named rivers, like Amu Darya, Hatton Oya, Indus, Jordan, Krishna, Lena, Mae Sai River, Marikina River, Nan River and Pearl River.

  • Australia:  Among the longest rivers in Australia are Murray River, Darling River, Lachlan River and Cooper Creek.

  • Europe:  There are a great many rivers in Europe, including these which are all longer than 100 kilometers: Don, Drina, Guadiana, Loire, Maritsa, Moselle, River Shannon, Seine, Siret, Tisa, Ural, Vedea, Vistula and Volga.

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Desert Baby Names

Deserts names can be truly exotic, and we think there are a few that provide great baby name inspiration:

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